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Greatest lesbian movies of all time

There are so many amazing gay movies and lesbian movies as well. In this blog post, I will list some of the best lesbian movies to watch.

I normally write content for homosexual/bisexual men but today I wanted to switch it up. Being from the LGBTQ community I understand the difficulties of being in a same-sex relationship. I agree that it’s tougher to be an openly homosexual male than being a gay female since we face more prejudice and blatant discrimination. However, we still face homophobia in society, even amongst our peers. In this blog post, I will highlight the best lesbian movies that show tales of romance, discrimination, and societal woes.

Best lesbian movies

Lesbian movies on Amazon Prime


Pariah is one of those black lesbian movies every heterosexual and LGBTQ person must see.  The movie is about a black lesbian named Alike who's struggling with her sexuality and wants to come out while living at home with her homophobic parents.
credit: Focus Features

Pariah is about a black lesbian named Alike from Brooklyn, NY. She comes from a two-parent household and has one sibling. Like your typical teenager, she faces issues of social anxiety and living up to her parent’s expectations. One of her biggest challenges is coming out of the closet. Her mother is heavy into the church which causes a problem. Traditionally, in the black church homosexuality is condemned. Priests and pastors have used religious scriptures preaching that homosexuality is a sin. And so, Pariah is very anxious about revealing her sexuality. It’s clear that Pariah is strictly a lesbian since she dreams of being kissed by a girl and shows no desire to be with a man.

I truly love the character in the film. You can pinpoint a Brooklyn chick from anywhere. They have swag like no other. Pariah has a rough exterior but she really is a good person.


Carol is another lesbian movie that you would enjoy. It was on Netflix last year. You can now watch Carol on Vudu, Itunes, and Amazon. It’s a period drama which is a film set in a historical setting. The movie features Academy Award-winning actress Cate Blanchett as a married woman stuck in an unhappy marriage. She meets a younger woman and they end up falling in love. The conflict is that homosexuality is taboo during that time period.

But I’m a Cheerleader

This is a movie is a teen comedy about a blonde cheerleader who gets sent to a rehab camp named True Directions after her parents and friends think she’s a lesbian. Conversion therapy in actuality is traumatizing but the movie makes it entertaining to watch. The lead actress is Natasha Lyonne from the show Orange Is the New Black. Another famous actor in the movie is RuPaul. He actually looks very handsome, athletic, and masculine in the movie. He plays one of the instructors at True Directions who converted from homosexuality to heterosexuality.

From the start of the movie, Megan’s parents and her parents have suspected that she’s a lesbian. However, Megan is in denial about her sexuality The climax is when Megan and her campmate Graham sneak out to a gay bar and kiss each other. The owner of True Directions finds out that someone sneaked out to the gay bar but doesn’t know who.

There are many comedic elements in the movie about some really sad ones as well. For instance, homophobic Megan’s parents threatened to kick her out if she admitted going to a gay bar. Megan’s mother even goes on to say that homosexuality is an “unhealthy lifestyle”. It reminds me of the thousands of LGBTQ persons who have been kicked out of their homes for their sexuality. Fortunately, I have parents who are not against the gay community.

My days of mercy

My days of mercy is another good romantic lesbian film. The movie opens with the main character Lucy standing outside of a prison facility as her father awaits the death penalty. A few minutes into the film the character Mercy appears in a scene with Lucy. Right off rip you can tell that Lucy and Mercy will become love interests based on that interaction.

The movie is different from the last two movies I just listed in that it shows an adult relationship. Lucy and Mercy go out on dates and invest time and energy into really getting to know each other. They are mostly divided due to their political beliefs. Mercy is against the death penalty but Lucy is not. Another unique aspect of the characters is that they don’t appear overwhelmed with feelings of shame and guilt about their sexuality.

Lesbian movies to watch on Netflix

A Perfect Ending

This is another queer movie with two white women in love. Rebecca is the lead character in the movie. She’s a rich, blonde housewife who’s in a sexless marriage. Rebecca admits to her lesbian friends that she never received an orgasm which I’m not too surprised about. Just looking at her husband I could tell that he doesn’t put that he’s boring and doesn’t know how to put the dick down in the bed. At the suggestion of her friends, Rebecca meets with a call girl named Paris to be sexually aroused.

At first, Rebecca is a real prude. She almosts treats Paris like a nobody and gets disgusted even when they shake hands. But as you go through the movie you’ll realize that Rebecca behind her bitchiness is her insecurities about her sexuality and identity. It’s actually kind of sad if you think about it since Rebecca says that she wants passion which anyone deserves. Paris and Rebecca end up building an intimate relationship. Paris is amazingly attractive and so charming that any heterosexual or homosexual man would want to have sex with her.

Ride or die

Ride or die is a lesbian movie on Netflix that was released in 2021. The movie is set in Japan and is about a Japanese woman named Nanae tormented by her abusive husband. Fortunately, for Nanae her lesbian friend Rei helps her in the situation. Rei is literally the definition of a ride or die. Rei goes above and beyond to protect her friend by killing Nanae’s husband.

What I like about this movie is that it shows lesbians from a different culture. Just like in most communities in the Asian community homosexuality is frowned upon. So it’s interesting to see such an intense romance between Rei and Nanae, especially since Asians are known to be much more reserved than Americans.

Wrap up

I enjoy watching television and movies, especially if it involves same-sex relationships. Traditionally, love and romance between same-gender and same-sex couples were hardly shown on television. Even today, in some countries because of anti-LGBT laws any type of entertainment showing gay and lesbian couples

The movies I listed above are just a few of the best lesbian movies on cable, Netflix, and online that you should watch. I’ve watched these films and if I’m giving a recommendation then you definitely should heed my advice.