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How to throw an amazing brunch: Best gay brunch supplies & merchandise (2022)

Do you want to plan an amazing brunch for you and your friends? Check out this list of gay brunch supplies & merchandise.

What is brunch?

In the past breakfast, lunch, and dinner were the 3 meals that often brought people together. Brunch has become a popular meal that’s changed that dynamic. It’s a combination of breakfast and lunch and usually takes place between 11 am and 4 pm. The difference between brunch and breakfast is that brunch contains both breakfast and lunch items. Brunch was invented by an English writer named Guy Beringer but it’s become so Americanized. Traditionally, people usually on Sundays after church. Brunch can be healthy and you can serve fruit and salad. There is a variation of brunch called drunch which happens between lunch and dinner. Another variation of brunch is liquid brunch where mostly alcoholic beverages are sold.

If you plan to have a gay brunch at home check below for the best gay brunch supplies.

Best gay brunch supplies & merchandise

Glass Carafe

What’s a brunch party without mimosas? Even if you don’t drink, unless it’s against your religion, it would be a nice gesture to serve alcohol especially if you’re partying with the gays. I’ve been around enough gays to know that we love to drink. This item right here is a set of 4 glass carafes which is affordable. The glasses are sturdy and won’t break or crack easily

30 Plastic Stemless Champagne Flutes

If you have a brunch party one thing you absolutely purchase is champagne. You can use plastic cups to buy champagne but this may look tacky. What’s better is to buy champagne flutes. The set above contains 30 plastic champagne flutes. You can be extra fancy and get glasses but you ran a risk of glasses breaking and people hurting themselves. The champagne flutes are shatterproof and elegant enough to be used at weddings.

Chafing Dish Buffest Set

If you’re having a food buffet for your brunch party you definitely should purchase this buffet set.


20 Pcs Wood Mini Chalkboard Sign with Easel Stand

If you’re having a food buffet it will be a good idea to have food labels. This would prevent your party goes from constantly asking what is being served. The set above contacts 20 food labels.

Chilled Condiment Server

If you’re serving cocktails you may want to have small condiments such as sliced pineapples and strawberries. If you decide to have them you should have a condiment server. The server above comes with thongs so people don’t have to rummage through the condiments with their fingers. Yuck!

Floating Tray Deluxe Heart

If you want to get intimate and creative you can purchase this pool tray. This would be ideal for a brunch date. You can set up food plates and utensils on the tray and won’t have to worry about the tray spilling your items. If you use this for your date and the person is not impressed kick them to the curb.

Floating Tray

This is another pool tray you can use for a brunch party event. You can set up a few plates with eggs, waffles, and fruits Then you can place those plates on the Floating Tray. The item is made of a high-quality waterproof fabric so you won’t have to worry about water seeping from the bottom of the tray onto the food. The Floating Tray does cost a lot. But if you can afford it and want to make a lasting impression then you should purchase the item.

Ice bucket

If you plan to have a mimosa bar you can use the ice bucket listed above. You can either place carafes or individual-size bottles inside the bucket. To prevent leaks it would be best to put one bucket inside another bucket.

Stretch Table Cover

For a brunch party or any elegant occasion, you may not want to use paper tablecloths. Paper is not the best quality and breaks easily. A good substitute would be the table cover listed above which is made of elastic material. This type of cover keeps the table clean from dirt and stains. The table cover comes in many different colors including pink, green, white, and purple.

Bose SoundLink Portable Speaker

One of the absolute things you need to have for a party is music. So it’s definitely worth the money to invest in speakers for the long run.

I have a couple of Bose speakers and absolutely love them. The product listed above is one of those speakers you should purchase for the home. It has great sound and is loud for its size. You can definitely plan a party with 20-30 people in lieu of stereo speakers with this product.

How to plan a brunch by yourself

If you prefer not to eat and want to save some coin one option is to host a brunch all on your own Here’s how to do that:

  • PLAN OUT THE MENU. The most popular brunch items are chicken and waffles, french toast, and eggs benedict. These foods are not hard to make and don’t take too much time to make. My suggestion is that you purchase a deep fryer so that you can fry the chicken quickly. You can do this by ordering orange juice and Prosecco. A liter of Tropicana costs about $4 and a bottle of Prosecco could cost you as little as $4. This will cost you a lot less than buying bottomless unlimited mimosas at a restaurant.
  • SET UP A SELF-SERVICE BAR. Buy 2 dark liquors, 2 light liquors, 2 champagne bottles, and 2 wine bottles. For juices, you definitely should have orange and cranberry juice. You should also purchase club soda. As a drinker, I recommend not buying any cheap liquor. Not only is this tacky but cheap liquors can give you a really bad hangover.
  • PURCHASE PARTY SUPPLIES & TABLEWARE EARLY. You should buy supplies a week or two before your brunch. By doing this you avoid the stress of running around last minute to buy stuff. You will forget 1 or 2 items but by purchasing as much stuff early one you’ll be more organized and more prepared for your brunch. Go to Party City, Dollar Dan’s, or purchase your supplies on Amazon.

Wrap up

If you want to throw an amazing gay brunch check out the list of gay brunch supplies listed above.

Brunch can be a great experience but can also be disastrous if a person or people lack good etiquette.  There have been times when I went to brunch and witnessed incidents that would happen in a nightclub after 2 am.  If a person is too drunk, has an unpleasant demeanor, or lacks good table manners the meal experience won’t be as enjoyable as it should be.  You should drink in moderation and respect others. As long as you remind your guest of these same rules and it’s followed your brunch party will be a lit experience.