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Best gay sugar daddy websites

Are you a gay man looking for a sugar daddy?  In this blog post, I will talk about the best gay sugar daddy websites and apps

A gay sugar daddy is a male who spends large amounts of money on his partner or companion.  They exist on different types of levels such as men who spend on others in exchange for a gay hookup and men who simply just splurge on their compadre.  A sugar baby is the recipient of a sugar daddy’s fortune.  I know plenty of gay men who would like to have a sugar daddy but are unsure of how to find one.  So in this blog post, I will discuss the best gay sugar daddy websites and apps.

Best gay sugar daddy websites and apps is an interesting site that caters to multiple groups of people including sugar daddies, sugar mamas, and gay sugar babies.  You’ll find a good amount of attractive people on here so post your best pics.  The signup process is very easy which requires you to fill in your username, email, gender, and password on just one page. 

Seeking arrangement

IAs the name suggests this website is for those looking to connect with men who have that cheddar.  The site is free and can be used for both straights and males.  I’ve tried this website out once and it was fairly decent. There were some attractive older men on the site but not too many of them. But hey, if you’re looking to get paid what does it matter?

You can find a sugar daddy for free on Seeking Arrangement.  And even though membership is free but comes with limited features.  If you pay for premium services you can use the app where no ads show, see an unlimited number of profiles and more.  


This is an app specifically for gay older men and gay younger men.  The membership is free and the registration process is simple.  I’ve also used this app recently and found that there are more younger men than older men. 

Other ways to meet gay sugar daddies

You can meet a gay sugar daddy at bars, restaurants, and cafes. There’s a gay lounge in Midtown called Townhouse where a lot of wealthy men hang out.  I’ve been to that spot before and it’s like no other gay bar I’ve ever been to.  The Townhouse is full of white-collar mature men.  Some of them can be a little snooty but for the most part, the atmosphere was very friendly.

The most important thing to meet a sugar daddy is to have an open mindset.  If you’re used to dealing with broke dudes or dead beats change your approach to meeting men.  There are plenty of wealthy gay men out there looking for companions to share their fortunes with. 

What it’s like being a sugar daddy and sugar baby

As with any relationship you should find what your partner needs and wants. Usually, sugar daddies want someone to spend quality time with.  Guys like being sugar daddies because they feel good being generous to others.  Yes, to that!  Sometimes they are confused with a salt daddy which is a man who pretends to have money but just lures people for sexy.  You can tell if someone is a salt daddy if he constantly asks you for sex, makes endless false promises, and asks you for money. 

Because sugar daddies have money they are also named Santa Claus or Robin-Hood.  They pay you for their time through Cash App or bank to bank transfer.  You can find a legit sugar daddy on several websites including and others I listed above.  It’s not illegal to have a sugar daddy and is just simply an agreement between the sugar baby and the sugar daddy.  This agreement should be clean meaning that a sugar baby should not have sex with you,r sugar daddy. 

A sugar baby is usually around 25 and a sugar daddy is usually around 45.  As a sugar baby, you can have a boyfriend if your sugar daddy allows it.  And as I stated earlier what a sugar baby does is give their time to their sugar daddy.

Male sugar babies are just what they are sugar babies that are men.  You can attract a sugar daddy by dressing and looking nice and not wasting time on salt daddies.  One in a relationship with a sugar daddy as a sugar baby, you should say compliments to your sugar daddy.  You can actually be a sugar baby without meeting your sugar daddy by video chatting with him.  Send photos to your sugar daddy that should be high quality and playful.  You should never send a nude photo of yourself to your sugar daddy.  If you do meet with your sugar daddy you can have safe fun with him.  This means you can kiss your sugar daddy but you should be cautious about having sex with him.

Disadvantages and advantages of being a gay sugar baby

A lot of people consider gay sugar babies as gold diggers which is not necessarily true.  A gay sugar baby may want both a romantic and financial tie with an older man.  Here are the advantages and disadvantages of being a sugar baby:

  • Power control.  I’ve dated older men and in general, they usually are dominant.  They are already set in their ways and are hard to sway at least from my experience. A wealthy guy could have more control in a relationship with a sugar baby partner just because he has more money.
  • Another source of income.  Many New Yorkers and residents of other major cities would agree that it’s not easy to live off one income. Many of friend have second jobs for entertainment expenses.  A sugar baby can use their gay mature partner to pay their bills and for daily spending.  Sugar daddies usually pay their date based on the times they meet or chat.
  • Financial stability.  The cost of living in New York City is far from low.  A lot of people making 6 figures struggle to pay rent and take care of their bills.  Having a sugar daddy means fewer bills to worry about and more financial freedom.
  • Companionship.  There’s the misconception that all men are about having sex.  A lot of guys are sex-crazed but not all.  Most men, in general,  especially older men just want companionship.  If you’re willing to settle down and looking for financial security having a sugar daddy may be to your advantage. 

How to protect yourself as a sugar baby online?

In today’s society, we have to be extremely mindful of who we interact with online.  Catfishing happens often and if you’re not careful you can end up in a harmful situation.  And so being a sugar baby can be dangerous if you’re not cautious of how you move with your sugar daddy. As a sugar baby, you should never hook up with a sugar daddy(or anyone else for that matter) after one conversation. Before you meet with a sugar daddy you should do a background check  Also, never share your address or full name.  You shouldn’t even give your phone number unless you’ve spoken with the guy after you two have had a few conversations online.  At that point, it’s safe to send text messages over the phone to your sugar daddy. As a sugar baby, you should not send a nude photo to your sugar daddy.

How much do sugar babies get paid?

The beneficial part of being a sugar baby is the dinero. Sugar daddies usually pay by cash or oline through Cashapp or Venmo.

In the article, Unable to make ends meet on teaching salaries, some educators are becoming sugar babies, it’s mentioned that sugar babies receive about $2800 from their sugar daddy every month.  Some sugar babies can get paid much more than that depending on how wealthy their sugar daddy is and how much he’s willing to spend.

Wrap up

If you want to become a successful sugar baby you can do so by dressing the part, communicating effectively, and setting boundaries. One thing to know is to not bombard your sugar daddy with text messages.

There are sugar daddies all over the country especially in major cities like New York and Los Angeles.  Many people think that all sugar daddies just want sex but that’s not always the case.  There are plenty of gay older men willing to share their wealth in exchange for companionship.  So if you’re in your 20s and 30s and are looking for a gay wealthy man you have an abundance of options.  There used to a time when you can only attract him at a bar or lounge.  Now with the internet, you can choose from hundreds of wealthy men to connect with literally in the palm of your hands. As I mentioned being a sugar baby can be safe but you must always first screen out the daddy you’re meeting first.