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Gay strip clubs you should check out.

Are you a gay male or female who enjoys going out and being around hot sexy men? Check out this blog of gay strip clubs in NYC.

In my lifetime I have been to multiple strip cubs for straight men. And I’ve enjoyed a few of them. But nothing beats a gay strip club. For this blog post, I’ll talk about gay strip clubs.

Gay strip clubs

Swinging Richards

Atlanta is a popular destination for black gay men. You can meet all types of gay men including short, large, skinny, fem, or masculine. If you’re looking for a gay hookup or simply connect with other gay men. And so course there are many gay clubs and gay venues. One of them is Swinging Richards. It’s a strip club specifically for gay men. There are some hot dancers at this place and they are not afraid to bear it all. The spot is open from Thursday to Saturday and admission is about $15. This is not bad at all since many strip clubs charge at least $25 to get in. Once inside you can sit and watch the strippers dance in the main room or go to a VIP room. And trust, me you’ll get a release.

Dick’s Caberet

Dick’s Caberet is another of one of the few male gay strip clubs in the US. It is located in Phoenix, Arizona which is the 5th largest city in the country. At Dick’s Caberet you come to see….yes, dicks!!! The venue is open almost every day except Tuesday from 8pm to about 3am. On some days there are great special for instance, on Wednesdays the lap dances are only $5!!!! The only issue is that you can’t bring in any cameras. But in a way that is a good thing since you’re able to fully enjoy the experience at Dick’s.


This venue is actually a gay bar but does have male entertainers. Silverado is located in Portland, Oregon. There are themed nights including drag shows and karaoke nights.