Hottest spots around  the world

Traveling is such a beautiful experience.  By visiting certain places and sites you can learn about different cultures and customs.

Atlanta is a black gay mecca.  In the United States, it has one of the highest concentrations of black LGBT persons.  


New York is a magnet for black gay men.  One of the neighborhoods many black gays flock to in New York  is Harlem.  There are three black gay bars in Harlem


Puerto Vallarta is a popular gay destination. It’s a safe, gay-friendly resort right by the beach. The best time to travel there is during the spring and summer but people travel there throughout the year.


There is a gay neighborhood in Rome called Gay Street. Think of Gay Street like the Village. You’ll find gay clubs and bars throughout that area


There is a gay social scene in Le Marais which is a gay neighborhood in Paris. Even though Paris mostly has a white population there is a community for LGBTQ persons of color.