Best first time gay sex tips

Self-worth is how you think of yourself. If you think of yourself as valuable you would devote your mind, body, and soul to people and things worth your time

1. Know your self worth

You should know important personal life details like his family background, values, and goals. One of the most important things to know is their sexual health. 

2. Get to know your partner

If you don’t feel comfortable having sex on the first date let the guy know. If he decides to leave you because of that then let it be. At least you know early on what type of person he is and can avoid drama

3. Communicate your wants and need

To maintain your sexual health you should always carry protection. The best type of condoms to wear is latex since it doesn’t break as easily as non-latex. 

4. Use protection

A trusted source can be a friend, family member, or certified professional.  Friends and family members can be good persons to confide in because they can have good access to the person you’re intimate with.

5. Speak to a trusted source

Scamming is so common nowadays. People are so desperate to get what they want and desire that people would scam their own families. And so, it should be no surprise to you that there are guys who would try to hookup up with you just and scam you.

6. Watch out for scammers

Vaseline and spit are horrible alternatives and may actually damage your linings later on. Keep in mind that there are different types of lubricant

7. Use good lubricant