Best gay bars in NYC

There are locations in Washington Heights which is predominantly Hispanic and in Hell’s Kitchen which is a gay neighborhood. You’ll see sexy, buffed bartenders dressed in boxers with no shirts on.

1. Boxers

The Ritz is a gay bar in Hell’s Kitchen, a New York gayborhood. Different promoters and organizations including Mobi and YSL Events have organized parties here.

2. Ritz

If you’re into fetishes or the leather culture you would love The Eagle. Leather culture is a lifestyle in which persons dress up in black leather clothing including leather jackets.

3. Eagle

Lambda Lounge is another one of the last black gay bars in NYC. The owners of the upscale lounge are the black gay couple Charles Hugh and Ricky Solomon.

4. Lambda Lounge

3 Dollar is the biggest queer venue in Brooklyn. You will find all types of events there including circuit parties and drag shows.  MEAT one of the biggest circuit parties takes place there.

5. 3 Dollar Bill 

Townhouse is a gay piano bar in the expensive district of Midtown Manhattan. If you're looking to connect with wealthy mature men go here.

6. Townhouse