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Sexy black gay celebrity men

Are you a gay man who enjoys looking at hot bodies pics?  Check out this blog post of sexy black gay celebrity men.

Black is undeniably beautiful. No matter how big you are or how small you are all of us have a certain beauty about us.  See below about some hot sexy gay men of color.

Sexy black gay celebrity men

Jussie Smollett

Jussie Smollet is a black gay actor and singer from California.   He has a few siblings that also act.  Jussie started acting at the young age of 5. He first appeared in commercials and made his first movie debut in the Mighty Ducks.  At that time the movie was a big hit and so Jussie received a lot of recognition.

During his career, Jussie appeared in many other films including The Skinny, Alien, and Marshall.  He is most known for his acting role in the hit television Empire.  The show was about the daily life of a drug dealer turned music mogul.  Empire was the show that all the young black folks raved about.  And Jussie was one of the main attractions of the show. Unfortunately, his role got cut after the infamous racist scandal. 

Karamo Brown

Karamo Brown is one of the most popular black gay influencers.  He’s from Philly.  Karamo is a tv personality, author, and actor.  He’s most known for his role in the reality tv show Real World Philadelphia.  In that first role, Karamo was traded was is a straight appearing man that engages in homosexual activities.  On the show you see him wearing durags and construction timberland boots.

Karamo first acting performance was in the black gay web series DL Chronicles.  This is one of my absolutely my favorite web series.  The show is split into different segments and is about closeted black gay men struggling with their sexual identity while sleeping with other men.  

Karamo has acted in dozens of other tv shows including Gay of Thrones, Raven’s Home, and Dear White People

Karamo has had a huge transformation from the time he was on Reality World Philadelphia.  He has come fully into who is and you wouldn’t see him wearing a durag in public.  Karamo is well dressed and speaks articulately.  Currently, Karama hosts his own podcast Karamo in which he shares life advice with his listeners.  

Richie Skye

Richie Skype is another one of the most popular black gay influencers. And yes, I’ve posted him in my other blog posts. You can’t deny that he’s an attractive black man.

Richie is a tv personality and YouTuber. His YouTube channel is very popular and has more than 200k subscribers. On the channel, he talks about Alist celebrities and discusses celebrity news especially things going on with the Real Housewives Many females and gay men crave The Real Housewives but honestly I’m not a fanatic. However, watching Ritchie’s cute light-skinned self gives me more of a reason to watch his Youtube channel.

Christopher Milan

hristopher Milan is a sexy black gay man who acts, raps, and has several businesses.

This young black gay influencer is one of the most popular black gay celebrities.  Just taking a quick glance at him he’s a guy that any gay male or female would want to hook up with. I’ve ssen him in person and he has a nice built like Michael Strahan.

Christopher is from Chicago, Illinois.  He’s a rapper, actor, and business.  You may know him from the popular reality show Love & Hip Hop.  The show is about a group of entertainers and their daily lives outside of their careers.  Love & Hip Hop is taped in different cities and Christopher appeared in Love & Hip Hop Los Angeles.  Christopher was a major highlight since he was one of the first openly black gay rappers on the show.  Since then his influence has skyrocketed.

Christopher is a great entertainer that anyone would enjoy watching on tv or simply listening to.  I remember last year he would have Instagram live sessions on Tuesday where he played Truth & Dare.  During those live sessions, viewers would call in and do some outrageous things.

Christopher recently started a comic book series named Rangarok.  If you’re in the black gay social scene you probably have seen Christopher hosting a party in one of the major cities. 

Yusef Mack

This guy stands in his own category.  Gay men are stereotypically known to be in occupations relating to fashion and entertainment.  Yusef Mack is in neither field.  He is a former boxer from Philly.  Based on my personal observations gays are not that interested in combat sports.  I could count on one hand the number of gays that watch MMA and boxing.  I enjoy watching and practicing boxing so I’m fascinated with Yusef Mack. 

Yusef fought all over the world and retired in 2015.  During that same time came out of the closet after a gay porn video leaked of him in it.  At first, Yusef stated that he was drugged but then later admitted to doing gay porn at his own will.

Kash Dinero

This young light bright is so sexy to me!  I prefer light-skinned men and this man right here is hot.  Kash Dinero is a social media influencer.  He’s been in multiple black gay porn movies.

Kash has been bashed a lot for acting in porno films.  We all have our dirt and skeletons in our close so I can’t really knock the dude.  As long as you have a good heart that matters most to me.   What people don’t know is that Kash can sing.

Wrap up

I believe that all black men and women are beautiful in their own way. However, throughout history society has taught us whiteness is associated with beauty.  Decades ago you would see dozens of magazine and billboard covers with white men.  Over time there has been more push for diversity in fashion and other industries.

The men listed above are some of my favorite male celebrities and entertainers.  There are so many more hot black gay guys.  So if you’re on here please don’t feel any type of way.  I love all people, especially my black gay brothers. To find out about more celebrities subscribe to my newsletter