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Who & where is Selena Green Vargas?

The mysterious disappearance of Selena Green Vargas years ago shook the world.  In this post, I will talk about the Latina-looking bombshell.

There’s a lot of speculation on what the life of an adult star is like. Some people think it’s all glamour and luxury, while others believe that it’s a sad and lonely life. Yes, you may experience newfound wealth and fame for the first time. But what is the truth? I’m here to give you an account of what it’s really like being an adult actress through Selena Vargas. Keep in mind that my experience may not be representative of everyone in the industry, but I hope it sheds some light on what we go through day-to-day. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Who is Selena Green Vargas?

As of today, Selena is 31 years old. She was born on July 19th, 1990, in California.

She was an adult film actress. The hot brunette has videos on Xvideo and other media with explicit content and mature related videos.  She didn’t do a whole lot of videos compared to other adult stars but was still popular.  Supposedly, Selena Vargas porn videos have helped bring more than 14 million views to adult websites in the United States.   People get knocked for their sex work all the time.  There are really no judgments on my end. You can do porn videos, amateur homemade videos, and make different sorts of porn clips. My advice is that if you’re having anal sex or any type of penetration is touse protection.

Selena Green Vargas went missing

Selena remained in the public eye until 2015.  That year her Navy Seals boyfriend posted a photo of him and her on this media platform called 4chan.  Selena’s boyfriend was wearing his Navy Seals uniform and Selena was wearing a cute blacktop. The photo went viral.

Under the Navy seal published photo, someone posted one comment and things just went downhill from there. All types of tea on 4chan anonymously and with names were being spilled about Selena and her Navy Seal boyfriend.  People wrote comments saying that Selena does adult movies.  That was true but it appeared that her boyfriend wasn’t aware of this information.  Trolls clowned him about not really knowing his girlfriend Selena and Selena’s career.

It was reported that Selena and her boyfriend knew each other since high school.

Since that photo display, Selena has disappeared from the public eye and the story has gone viral.

Selena Vargas’ story update

Selena green vargas instagram profile

The general public still doesn’t know of Selena’s whereabouts. It’s even said that she might be living under another name. I looked on social media and it appears that she has a private Instagram account and private TikTok. For instance, there’s a profile pic of Selena with the Instagram name  Instagram profiles are hacked all the time so who knows if there is a person behind it. Instagram is porn free so don’t expect to find explicit nude content. 

The shame against adult stars

I’ll be honest. Years ago, I would be disgusted by porn stars. Thoughts of fingering, deep anal sex, and fetish/voyeur niche porn come to mind. But I’ve come to be more accepting of people. They are regular people just trying to make an honest living. But many people don’t understand that.

Adult stars are really actors paid to sexually arouse their viewers. That doesn’t always mean sexual intercourse. So for some, it may not be obscene Before the 1950s porn was actually banned in this country. There was even a court case Roth vs United States which made stated that obscenity isn’t fully protected by the First Amendment which gives us our right to free speech.

Today, the porn industry doesn’t receive as much same as it did years ago. There have been many types of porn stars entering the porn industry even senior citizens (to each his own). However, porn stars still get a bad name even amongst the people who watch them. Many of them are looked down upon as whores and sluts. I don’t feel that way since they are actually getting paid for their services. Some of them are actually in monogamous relationships and only have sex for work.

Lesson to be learned

We should be careful of how we treat others in the porn industry. Whether someone is doing free porn or not we shouldn’t treat them like they are just sluts and whores. The comments under 4chan post of Selena and her boyfriend were out of line. People all over the country from New Zealand to the United Kingdom were shaming her as big boobs for doing porn. Even if Selena’s boyfriend was falling into his girlfriend’s lies that is his business. Selena’s career and personal life are no one else business. Also, comments about him being in a uniform and with Selena are their business. The post should not have been going viral as it should have. Ironically, some of the ones shaming her go on porn sites. Furthermore, Selena has a much higher net worth than those people bashing her.

Snapshot bio

  • Name: Selena Green Vargas
  • Birth date: July 19, 1990
  • Profession: Adult film star/model

Wrap up

No matter if you’re as big of a celebrity as Jay Leno or a micro-influencer being in the spotlight can be difficult. The blowup of Selena Vargas in 2015 is a clear example. The humiliation by internet trolls about her adult career could’ve factored into her sudden disappearance. What’s even more sad is that she still is looked down upon because of her history as an adult film star.

The hunt for the sexy brunette is heating up, and with each new lead, the search becomes more complicated. We can’t verify her social media profiles, including her TikTok account or Instagram account. Since the story snowballed of the 4chan post rumors claimed that she might be keeping secret of her whereabouts. As the media circus continues to grow, it’s becoming more and more difficult to keep anything under wraps. We can only hope that she’s ok.