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Hottest old grannies tik tok memes

TikTok is blowing up, and there are many hilarious old grannies are leading the charge! Watch their funny videos now.

Old grannies were the same age as us, they did the same things we do today, they experienced all of life’s amazing moments… But did it at a different time. They had more responsibilities, fewer resources, but still managed to make their lives fun. It is undeniable that old people were cooler before. And they are still cool now. Keep reading and you’ll understand why.

Coolness of old grannies

Old grannies back in the day had to do what they wanted without access to the world with a touch of a button like we have today. It is common knowledge that old people were more cultured back then. They read books more often, experience many beautiful moments, did new things, and go on adventures, unlike old people from 2019 who mostly stay inside houses or old age homes all day long. Today old grannies are more concerned about physical health, which is good, old grannies are more active today because old people like to move, old people like sports and old people like to spend time outdoors. Old grannies nowadays don’t worry that much about their looks, they look amazing either bald or hairy. But old grannies back in the day cared about their physical appearance even more than young girls today do.

Old grannies could make badass memes too but old age homes didn’t allow them to use the internet (the same way as other old people). And because old grannies couldn’t have access to the world wide web, old grannies have no idea what these memes are all about or who are challenging themselves with TikTok videos now. We checked out old grannies’ TikTok memes and old grannies are back in business! But old grannies went hard on TikTok videos too, old grannies did many amazing old age memes while being old. We have this old grandma that is going viral with her old woman lyrics on the TikTok video!

Old people have a different point of view about new trends and they never go easy on new things because old people, especially old men were always a boss at anything they do. Watch the old man challenge himself to water bottle flipping even though he has Alzheimer’s disease. It is awesome how someone can make their conditions work for them instead of getting mad or giving up… This also applies to the elderly, who try their hardest with old age, old people don’t complain old grannies just do their thing.

Old grannies on Tiktok

And old grannies have no idea what TikTok is either old grannies didn’t hear of it before but old grannies are managing to take over the app with old person memes. Their memes are so funny because old people always have a sense of humor even though they are old! And because old people are not afraid to speak their minds or go hard on whatever they challenge themselves with… But remember, you can’t mess with an old woman when she is in her period… This is the only time that you should actually stay away from them – they get cranky and moody during that time.

Old people know how to live life old grannies know how to make old age look cool old people are old but old grannies will always be old school.

This old granny is making old age look cool! But old age is not a trend, old age is not something that you can ever get sick of, old age is true beauty. This old lady needs no matter how hard she works to earn her living – she does it better than most young women today without makeup, without filters – just by being herself. Watch this inspiring video on top of the article and see the amount of dedication and love for life that this woman has… It literally takes your breath away to see her doing her thing in front of the camera with ease and grace! Old grannies can be old and badass at the same time! You go, girl!

Old men on TikTok

But old people don’t only take over TikTok with old grannies… Old men are crazy too! This old man took on paintball and he is going viral on TikTok for his old age meme. He looks like a real old boss in that video, doesn’t he? And old man memes are also all about old-school challenges. Sure, young people do some amazing things – but old men know how to surprise you more because they simply have been around longer than young people… They make a lot of mistakes too but it’s what makes them who they are today. Watch this “old man challenge” video on top of this article if you want to know old men’s secret weapons that old grannies didn’t share yet.

But old age meme is not a new thing… Old people always had a sense of humor and they always found ways to make old age look cool – no matter how old they are or how old they will get! Watch this video on top of the article if you want to see an old school meme from the 70s! This man can still rock it better than most young people today… And he even has all his teeth intact to show for it too. Be like Grandpa, be like an old granny – life is short so make all your best shots count.

And don’t forget about old man chall because these videos are not easy to make – old people are old, old grannies are old but old men know how to do it right! Old grannies this old man is taking over Tiktok with these old age memes that you need to watch too.

We have old granny memes that will definitely get old people’s attention. They might not all get the meme itself but they will definitely get what old people are thinking about them… Because old people always think of stuff like “old school” or “obsolete” when they see new trends. This is where the meme starts – seeing something so new and so fresh makes older generations think of it as immature, unserious, and stupid… But don’t worry too much about it because some young people might be old inside and it might take some time for them to realize this…

But old grannies are already old so they will always have those old age memes down pat! These old people you see on top of this page aren’t afraid to speak their mind because old people can’t just stand by and watch young people mess up – that is where old school meme comes from.

We already said that old men and old grannies both think of themselves as “old school” but we didn’t even mention old uncles yet! This is why we compiled the best old uncle’s TikTok memes of 2019 so far right here on one page for your convenience – enjoy! And don’t forget to share these tried and true memes with old school people you know if old uncles are your kind of old school memes too! Let old grannies TikTok take over with these old age memes that will make even young people laugh because old age meme is never outdated.

Take precautions of some of old granny tiktok memes

There’s a new trend on Tiktok involving the use of the word “old grannies”. Tiktok users are telling their followers to search the word “old grannies” and look up their images. If you don’t have a censor on your phone or laptop then don’t do it. If you do then you would find pictures of grandmas that are far from grandma-friendly. The pictures are explicit content.

Wrap up

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Wrap up

TikTok is the latest social media app that has taken the internet by storm, and it’s no surprise why. With its engaging content and easy-to-use interface, it’s perfect for anyone who wants to share short videos with the world. Whether you’re a teenager(just don’t look for old granny images) looking for a new way to express yourself or an old granny just trying to fit in, there’s something for everyone on TikTok. So what are you waiting for? Download the app and start sharing your videos today!