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What you should know about the panromantic flag? (2022)

Are you a person of the LGBTQ community or ally and want to learn more about certain types of flags? In this post, I will discuss the panromantic flag and other LGBTQ flags’ meanings.

The LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual) is a diverse community. There are so many genders, categories of persons, and sexualities that you can easily confuse labels of people. It wasn’t till recently that I learned about the many different groups of people through LGBTQ flags. And so in this blog post, I will talk about the panromantic flag and other LGBTQ flags’ meanings.

Panromantic flag


This is a the panromantic flag.  The meaning of this LGBTQ flag is being attracted to different genders.

To end this post on LGBTQ flags meaning I will talk about the panromantics. There is a difference between panromantic and pansexual.  A panromantic is romantically attracted to all types of people. However, a pansexual has a sexual attraction to all types of people.

The colors of the panromantic flag are red, yellow, and blue. The meaning of panromantic is an attraction to someone without looking at sex or gender. It won’t matter if the person is male, female, or of any other gender or sexuality.  With that being said a panromantic person isn’t attracted to everyone. They don’t kiss and hook up with anyone. Being panromantic means that you don’t have a specific preference for the types of people you’re romantically attracted to.

Other LGBTQ flags meaning


The pansexual flag is similar to the panromantic flag. Both flags share the same pink, yellow, and blue colors. Pink symbolizes women, blue symbolize men, and yellow symbolizes nonbinary individuals. The only difference between a pansexual flag and the panromantic flag is that the pansexual flag doesn’t have a heart. Panromantic is not the same as pansexual. Pansexual means being physically and romantically attracted to all genders. As I mentioned above panromantic persons are romantically attracted to persons, but not always sexually, whereas pangender persons can have a sexual or romantic attraction to persons. You’ll know if you’re panromantic or if you’re attracted to persons across the LGBT spectrum.

The media has talked about pansexual celebrities like Dreya Weber and Bella Thorne. There is even an emoji for pansexuals. If you’re pansexual you can come out by speaking with a therapist or a loved one.


A Demiboy is someone who identifies with a boy or man. The colors are black, gray, blue, and whilte.


Queer people of color are marginalized even within the LGBT community. I know this because I’ve seen and experienced marginalization as a black gay man. I’m woke to what goes in the world. There are white gay racists. I remember one time I was waiting in line to get into this black gay event and a white homosexual man online shouted out, “Look at this welfare line”. This type of ignorance shocks me especially when Latin and black LGBT leaders like Marsha P Johnson and Sylvia Rivera helped paved the way for gay rights. They were very influential in the Stonewall Riots which pushed for the gay rights movement.

The original LGBTQ flags’ meaning was diversity and unity. The flag above is supposed to show more diversity by having a rainbow background with a black fist. The black fist represents the black power movement. The flag became very popular during the Black Lives Matter in 2020. I love this flag because it helps increase the visibility of black LGBT persons. We face racism from both the heterosexual and homosexual communities and the flag is a small step in combatting it.


As I just stated above the LGBT flags’ meaning is the diversity of the LGBTQ community.

The Philadelphia Pride flag also supports black LGBT visibility. This is almost like the LGBT pride flag except this flag includes black and brown stripes. The black stripe represents solidarity and the brown stripe represents people of color.


Asexuals are the opposite of pansexuals since pansexuals have sexual attractions regardless of a person’s gender or sex. Asexuality means not having a sexual attraction to other people. Asexuals do enjoy kissing and touching but are not really interested in sex with other people. You can be asexual if you’re a virgin. And even though asexuals really aren’t sexually attracted to others they can still fall in love. You can be sexual but become asexual later on in life. There’s no concrete Just know that asexuality doesn’t just go away and can’t be cured through meditation. There are asexual celebrities like Emily Bronte and Paula Poundstone. It’s said that 27% of women are asexual. You’ll know if a girl is asexual if she isn’t interested in sex at all. A black ring on the middle finger can mean someone is asexual.

The asexual flag has four colors: black, grey, white, and purple. Purple represents the community, gray represents demisexuality, black represents asexuality, and white presents allies who are non-sexual. The flag was created around 2010 and is popular in the LGBTQ community. The pronouns for asexual are they, them, and their.


Puppies can fall across different parts of the LGB spectrum just like human beings.

The puppy pride flag has the colors black, blue, and white.


The panromantic asexual flag is a combination of the panromantic flag and the asexual flag so it has 6 different colors. The meaning of panromantic asexual is a romantic attraction to someone without any type of sexual attraction. I don’t consider myself panromantic asexual but I’ve actually experienced deep connections with individuals without having any type of sexual desires.


Geneticists have stated that everyone starts off as female and remains female or changes gender. Nonbinary aka enby is someone who doesn’t identify as male or female; examples of nonbinary names are Karter, Taylor, and Morgan. You’ll know if you’re nonbinary if you can’t label yourself as a man or woman; you call a nonbinary person Mx instead of Mr. and Mrs. When you talk to a nonbinary you should use the words they/their/them. The term originated around 1990. One of the oldest non-binary persons is Elisa Rae Shupe.

Noon binary parents are called maddy, poppy, and nibi. There is even a non-binary Parents day to acknowledge nonbinary parents. If you have a non-binary child you should accept the child and use their preferred nouns. So if your daughter wants to be a boy or your son wants to be a girl acknowledge and respect it.

The colors for non-binary are white, yellow, purple, and black. The non-binary flag was created in 2014.


Omnisexual means you’re attracted to all genders and sexual orientations. A polysexual is someone attracted to people of different genders. They can’t be labeled as gay or straight. A polysexual is sometimes confused with a pansexual but they are different. A polysexual is attracted to many different genders whereas pansexuals are attracted to all genders. When it comes to dating a polysexual can be in a committed, monogamous relationship. Polyamorous persons are different because they can only be attracted to a certain gender and have multiple partners.


As I stated above polyamory is having multiple partners at the same time. LGBTQ is not synonymous with polyamorous. Also, polyamory is not the same as polysexual. Celebrities that are polyamorous are Willow Smith and Kehlani. Polyamory is not very common and it’s said that about 20% of people here in the US practice it. The rules for polyamory are to set boundaries and be honest and open with your partner. Polyamory and polygamy are illegal here in the US and in the bible considered to be a sin. Examples of polyamory are a throuple(3-person relationship) and a unicorn(a person that enters a relationship). NP in polyamory means live-in partner and KTP means kitchen table polyamory.

The polyamorous flag is blue, black, and red; blue means honesty, red means love, and black means solidarity. The symbol in the flag is pi which means emotional attachment.


The concept of gender was invented in 1955 by John Money. The 11 main genders are male, female, neuter, common, agender, intersex,, genderfluid, gender non conforming, transgender, cisgender, and genderqueer,

Agender means not having a gender. Other words to describe agender are gender-neutral and neutrois. There’s a difference between agender and non-binary. Agender falls under the category of non-binary.

The agender has 4 colors; black, grey, white, and green.


Someone who’s genderfluid has a gender that is different from their biological sex and can change at any time. The difference between trans fluid and genderfluid is that trans fluid persons may identify with their sex while a genderfluid doesn’t. A person can define himself as a male one day but redefine himself as she the next day. The types of genderfluid are he, she, and xe. Genderfluid and androgynous fall under the term gender non-conforming. You can address someone who is genderfluid by referring to them as they, their, or them instead of he and she; they and they are examples of neopronouns which was created by Mary Orovan. The difference between gender fluid and non-binary is that a genderfluid person may change their identity at any time. A genderfluid person may experience gender dysphoria which is a sense of discomfort because your biological sex doesn’t match your gender identity.

The genderfluid flag was created around 2012 by JJ Poole who was considered pansexual. The genderfluid has pink which represents feminine energy, blue which represents masculine energy, white which represents all genders, purple which represents feminine and masculine energy, and black which is a lack of genders. The white horizontal stripe is one of the most significant parts of the genderfluid flag since it represents non-binary identities. Just based on those colors alone we can define genderfluid which is not having a specific gender. You can call a genderfluid person gender non-conforming.


Have you heard of the term “lgbtq2”? The 2 in “lgbtq2” stands for two-spirit. Two-spirit means having both a feminine and masculine spirit. The word was created by Edler Myra Laramee. The Ojibwe word for two-spirit is Niizh maanidoowag. You can become a two-spirit ally by learning about them without judgment.

The two-spirit flag has a rainbow background with the Native American/indigenous symbol in the middle. Indigenous people are natives with ancestral ties to their land. In the Native American culture, there are several genders including masculine males, masculine, and feminine males.


The aromantic flag is not as colorful as the other flags listed above. The word “aro” refers to people who have little or no romantic attractions. An aromantic person can form friendships with other people but struggle with romance. Aromantics are the opposite of allosexuals who are people who experience sexual attraction. There was an original aromantic flag which colors including dark green, light green, yellow, white, gray, and black: green represents the opposite of romance, yellow represents friendship, and gray & black represents different sexualities. Ordinarily gray symbolizes anxiety, dark green symbolizes ambition, white symbolizes purity, and black symbolizes fear and death. In 2014 the yellow color on the aromantic flag was changed to white which represents friendships.

Aromantics can have crushes, be in relationships, and even fall in love without having strong affectionate feelings for other people. It is on a spectrum.


The demisexual flag has the colors white which represents sexuality, purple which represents community, and black and gray which represents asexuality. A demisexual is a person attracted to someone else based on an emotional connection. They can be straight, gay, or bisexual. Demisexual is on the asexual spectrum. It takes at least months for a demisexual to fall in love. The difference between a demisexual and a demiromantic is that demisexuals form a sexual attraction only after an emotional connection. Demisexuals are really not sexually active and date by getting to know that person. They can have celebrity crushes but it’s not on a superficial level. Demisexuals and sapiosexuals are similar but different. A sapiosexual is usually attracted to someone who’s intelligent.

You know if you’re demisexual if you take relationships seriously and build friendships while dating. The percentage of the world who are demisexuals is very low. You can impress a demisexual by being a good friend to that person and being there for them in times of need. There are celebrities that are demisexual like Sheldon Cooper in the Big Bang Theory and Cher in Clueless.


A panromantic demisexual is someone who is romantically attracted to someone else. There is no sexual attraction unless there is an emotional connection. So even if a guy is smoking hot a panromantic won’t feel a genuine attraction to that person unless they connect on a deep level.

I’m not pan-romantic but do consider myself demisexual. I love intellectual conversations and so if you can’t provide that to me I won’t truly desire you no matter how physically attractive you are. Dating online and offline is not easy. It can be extremely difficult being a panromantic demisexual, especially in the gay community because of hookup culture. As outlined by the Demisexuality Resource Center here are some tips to date as a demisexual:

  • Be open about your identity. Whether we admit it or not many of us wear social masks. this is especially true when dating. If you’re trying to meet someone you must take off that social mask and be your authentic self. On certain dating apps like OkCupid and, you can identify yourself as demisexual or asexual. By being upfront with yourself you can attract similar personalities to you.
  • Form a friendship first. Honestly, I believe all relationships should begin with a friendship. Yes, my mama taught me well. By becoming friends with your potential partner you can truly enjoy each other’s company.


In the word “LGBTQI”, I mean intersex. Intersex means having sex organs that are not fully female or male. Intersex is the same as hermaphrodite. However, a hermaphrodite is considered offensive which is why that word really isn’t used anymore. Less than 2% of the population is considered intersex.

The intersex flag was made in 2013. The flag has a yellow background with a purple circle. The circle means unbroken.


One of the persons responsible for LGBTQ was a lawyer named Karl Ulrichs.

The rainbow LGBTQ flag is probably the most popular LGBTQ flag. The rainbow LGBTQ flag was designed by Gilbert Baker in 1978 to pay homage to Harvey Milk’s gay pride marches of the 1970s. It has since become ubiquitous worldwide due to its simplicity and ability to be interpreted by anyone who sees it no matter their age or culture. The LGBTQ chose the rainbow because it represents the diversity of the LGBTQ community. The rainbow flag has the colors red (life), orange (healing), yellow (sunlight), blue (serenity), green (nature), and violet (spirit).

A rainbow ally is someone who supports the LGBQ community.


Straight (heterosexual) people are important to the gay rights movement. Even though transgender persons have influenced the movement largely the heterosexual community and other groups of people played a part. The ally flag shows homage to the influential straight persons in the world.


The bi flag was created by Michael Page and represents bisexuality and those who identify as such within LGBTQ communities. Bisexuals are persons attracted to two genders. The bi flag has two colors, pink (for same-sex) & blue (for the opposite sex).


The Progress Pride is a combination of the trans flag and the rainbow flag. The flag also has black and brown to represent solidarity and persons of color.


A Transgender is someone whose biological sex doesn’t match their identity. So for instance, you can be born with female genitalia but identify as a male. There are transmen and transwomen. Transgender men may be able to get pregnant whereas men can’t get pregnant. In Indian society, the 3rd gender is called transgender or hijras. Hijras are born with male genitals and are often discriminated against which is why they often have to beg.

Transgender is different from sexual orientation since transgender is who you are. Sexual orientation is who you are attracted to. The transgender pride flag was created in 1999 by Monica Helms to represent transgender people and their unique experiences and challenges. The meaning of the transgender flag is two light blue strips for baby boys, two pink strips for girls, and a white stripe for those transitioning.


Genderqueer means not having a set gender. There are many gender identities including male, female, neuter, eunuch(a person whose testicles have been removed or not fully developed), trans, and common. Some people even consider furry a gender identity. About 20% of LGBT persons are furry.

The genderqueer LGBTQ flag was created in 2010 with the intention of representing people who identify as neither male nor female. It has three colors: pink (for females), green (for LGBTQ), and lavender (a blend of pale purple).

A person would know if they are genderqueer and if they can change their gender at any time.


The bear pride flag is often used by the bear community. Bears are hairy and usually heavy-set men. Think of the California bear which represents strength.

The colors of this flag are meant to be inclusive of all members of the bear community, so it lacks the bright primary colors found in other pride flags. It is best not to display these colors side-by-side as they are considered to be too similar and may appear confusing: Bear Pride Flag which is an image of two bear paw prints on a colored background.


Drag persons are usually men who dress and performs as a woman. They started becoming famous in the 1870s in Britain. Drag balls started in Harlem around the 1920s The reason they are called drags is because they would drag their petticoats Drag and cross-dressing is different. A cross-dresser is usually a man who disguises himself as a woman whereas a drag queen dresses up as a woman for public performance. Drag is a subculture within the LGBTQ community. If you want to become a drag queen get a look, outfit, and name. Starting out as a drag queen usually starts around $50 for an event. At drag shows, you would hear and watch lip-synching performances.

The drag pride flag has the colors purple, blue, and white.

Why we should know the panromantic flag & other LGBTQ flag meaning

Whether you are LGBTQ or an ally you know the know LGBTQ flags meanings to understand more about the LGBTQ community. Even though I’ve been doing a lot of research there’s more I have to learn about the LGBTQ flags meaning.


In this post, I’ve listed the panromantic flag and other LGBTQ flags’ meanings. Going out to gay bars and gay hangout spots has expanded my mind on the LGBTQ community.

There are different types of genders and identities listed above. The 11 main types of sexualities are abrosexual who are persons that change their sexual orientation over time, skoliosexual who are persons attracted to transgender or nonbinary persons, alloromantic, androsexual, autoromantic, autosexual, bicurious, homosexual, bisexual, heterosexual, and asexual.

By being aware of this information we can learn to be more accepting of different types of individuals. If you are part of the LGBTQIA community you can find the panromantic flag and other LGBTQ flags meaning in this post.