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Its fashion | High end fashion for the straights & gays

Are you a fashionista who loves luxury? Check out some high-end beautiful garments that you can wear for any elegant occasion Its fashion!

Fashion is just not a piece of clothing or accessory. It’s a mode of expression. You can tell a person’s personality and even sometimes their mood based on their attire. I’m passionate about fashion so I enjoy different aspects of fashion including business casual and streetwear. If you have expensive taste this post is for you. Below you will find fashionable clothing that any straight or gay person can wear.

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Oscar de la renta-Floral Gown

The dress pictured above is by the high-end fashion brand, Oscar de La Renta. The brand consists mostly of feminine clothes, including dresses and gowns. The gown pictured above is one example.

The floral gown is a beautiful dress that can be worn for an elegant occasion. The dress is black and has amazing floral patterns. The dress is pricey but is worth the purchase.

Maygel Coronel- Kai 2 piece

It’s summertime which means you can show your skin without being judged. Even if you are being judged who cares? Show your sexiness.

Pictured above is a red two-piece bikini. This fashionable outfit can be worn in the bedroom or at a special night event Red exudes sexiness and so this outfit will definitely capture bystanders’ attention. This bikini is so appealing that even as a homosexual man I drooled when I saw a female model wearing it.

Maygel Coronel- Ola Bodydress

Pictured above is another fine garment by Maygel Coronel. What I like about this designer is that the pieces don’t go out of style. In the past, present, and future Maygel Coronel is reputable.

The dress comes in black and in one size. There is a thin strap that wraps around the right should and a ruffle that fits on the left shoulder.

If you’re planning to attend a celebratory occasion like a retirement party this would be the perfect dress to wear. It’s not too revealing but still gives sexual appeal. I’ve been to formal dinners where women would dress in overly seductive dresses. If you want to come to a formal event in good taste wear the Maygel Coronel body dress.

Oscar de la renta- Fusilli Ring

If you love jewelry you may like the item pictured above. It’s a ring by the luxury brand Oscar De La Renta. The ring can be worn in casual or formal attire. The best part is that it’s affordable.

Oscar de la renta- Floral Tro Bag

Just yesterday my sister spoke with me about carrying handbags. If you decide to wear a handbag to an elegant event the bag should be elegant as well. And the bag above definitely speaks elegance.

This Oscar de la renta floral bag is 100% leather. The bag comes in a silver and gold color. This accessory will definitely draw attention to you as walk through the room.

Oscar de la renta- TRO bag

This is another cute handbag by Oscar de la renta. This leather bag is green and has a gold chain strap. It’s not overly flashy yet still appealing.

Linda Farrow- D-Frame Sunglasses

If you’re attending an outdoor event during this season shades could be a nice complement to your outfit. The sunglasses pictured above is by the London designer Linda Farrow. It has 100% UV lenses and an anti-glare which is good for these sunny days.

Boglioli- K-Jacket

Every man should have at least one blazer in his closet. A blazer can be used for both informal and formal occasions.

The blazer pictured above is from one of the best Italian designers, Boglio. The blazer comes in 3 different colors which are blue, gray, and beige.

Missoni- Long Sleeve Shirt

The shirt pictured above is by the Italian designer Missoni. The blue shirt has a very stylish design. One side of the shirt is striped and the other side is plain.

Wrap up

All of the pieces can be worn by anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a gay furry, woman, or heterosexual you can express yourself through high fashion.