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Is Jaden Smith Gay? [GET THE FACTS]

Jaden Smith is known as Will Smith’s son.  But what many people seek to know is whether is Jaden Smith gay or not.  Read on to find out.

Hollywood can be pretty messy. Many male celebrities including Jay Leno, Usher, and Tom Cruise have been the target of gay rumors.  Even though evidence shows that they are heterosexual the rumors persist. In this post, I will give you the tea about Jaden Smith.

Hollywood’s most popular black family: Smith family

Whether you are young or old you probably know about Will Smith or any of his immediate family members: Jada Pinkett Smith (wife), Trey Smith (son), Jaden Smith (son), and Willow Smith (daughters).  They are one of the most popular families in Hollywood.  Will and Jada have been in many blockbuster movies including Independence Day, Set it Off, and Bad Boys.  They also have a show called Red Table Talk where they discuss social and cultural issues. They have been blessed with good fortunes and career success but still, l have their downs. Because of their popularity, a lot of their family business has been exposed. Some are true and some are not.  There have been tons of rumors about the family such as Will and Jada being swingers and Willow dating multiple persons at once.  One major speculation is Jaden’s sexuality.

Who is Jaden Smith?

Jaden Smith is a 23-year-old celebrity from California.  He is the son of Hollywood actress and actor Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith.  his dad Jaden has a mix of talents. He raps, models, and acts.

Jaden Smith in Hollywood

With the help of his dad, Jaden sprung onto the Hollywood scene at a young age.   One of the first films I saw him in was Pursuit of Happiness.  I think he was barely 6 years old at the time.  Even though he was very young he still played a memorable role as a homeless child in despair.  I also remember seeing Jaden in The Karate Kid.  I really enjoyed the original and didn’t think the remake was going to be good. But to my shock, the remake was exciting to watch and Jaden delivered a good performance.  Jaden has won tons of different awards for his performances including Emmys

Jaden Smith as a young rapper

As I mentioned earlier Jaden can act and rap.  His style of rap has some similarities and differences with his dad’s style of rap.  Like Will  Jaden is not a gangsta rapper.  Jaden doesn’t boast about a violent or criminal lifestyle.  His lyrics are not explicit and can be listened to by teenagers and even some pre-teens.  Jaden’s music is different from his dad’s in regard to aesthetics.  Jaden’s music videos are colorful and very playful.   Another major distinction is that Jaden doesn’t project the stereotypical masculine image that a lot of rappers do.  Even as kid-friendly as Will Smith is he doesn’t show any signs of feminity in any of his songs.

Is Jaden Smith a gay rumor

Jaden Smith has been the subject of gay rumors for a while.  One reason is his sense of fashion. Jaden has worn skorts and genderless clothing which has planted the idea that he’s homosexual. This sounds ignorant but it’s true.  The idea of Jaden being gay sprouted more during a music festival in Los Angeles. He went on stage and unexpectedly announced that Tyler the Creator is his boyfriend.  He said, “Tyler is my motheef@$king boyfriend and he’s been my boyfriend my whole life”.    Tyler was present at the festival and responded by going on Twitter and writing “you a crazy ass nigga”.  It was almost like a joking moment.

Jaden Smith’s dating life

Jaden Smith has been spotted in places holding hands with several ladies including Madison Pettus, Stella Hudgens, and Sofia Richie.  Most recently, he’s been seen in pictures with social media influencer Sab Zada.

What does Jaden’s life tell us?

Jaden doesn’t live an ordinary life.  He goes against gender norms by wearing skirts and other types of garments that women would normally wear.  However, this doesn’t mean that he’s gay. 

Wrap up

Is Jaden Smith gay rumors have been swirling around for years.

So to answer the question of the blog title, “Is Jaden Smith gay” I would say I don’t know.  He never made any confirmation of my knowledge of him being homosexual.  Even if he was gay I’m pretty sure he would’ve been outed by now.  Some of the gays can get really nasty and petty and will out a dude real quick when we get in our feelings.   Regardless of his sexuality Jaden is a bright and gifted young man who will continue to shine as an actor.