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Gay cruising: gay sauna & gay bathhouse guides (2022)

Are you a gay male who enjoys gay cruising in NYC or elsewhere? Find out where & how to get some “hot’ action with a few gay sauna and gay bathhouse guides.

Gay bathhouses and gay saunas are very popular in the gay community. They are not just places where you can have public sex but facilities where you can meet acquaintances and actual friends. I actually developed a genuine friendship with a visitor from DC at a sauna. There are many bathhouses in the US across different major cities. Being a bathhouse is fun. But be mindful that when you visit a gay sauna or gay bathhouse there’s a certain etiquette you should follow like not staring, not walking around fully nude, and not touching others without their permission.

Gay sauna & gay bathhouse guides

The Gay Men’s Guide to Glory Holes

Many of us have fetishes and secret sexual desires. Being in the LGBTQ community I’ve learned that many gay men have sexual fantasies, including glory holes are stalls with holes on their walls. The holes are used for inserting different kinds of things into different “places”. The book above explains in more detail what glory holes are and who uses them.

If you’re looking to find find out about glory holes go check out the book

Bathhouse Blues

This guide is about gay bathhouses which are still a thing. A bathhouse is a facility where people get undressed and relax. Bathhouses contain different parts including a pool, locker room, and sauna. Bathhouses are known for sexual encounters and social connections. Here in NYC there used to be a lot of gay bathhouses but many of them closed down during the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the 1980s. Bathhouses are normally safe since there are rules and regulations that they have to abide by. At a bathhouse, you can wear a towel without any underwear underneath.

The book above gives a fuller explanation of gay bathhouses and what goes on over there. The book is written from a gay male Asian perspective as stated in the title but it doesn’t add more or less to his credibility. If you’re a newbie to the gay sex scene this is a book you should check out this gay bathhouse guide.

Finding Love in a Gay Bathhouse

Gay bathhouses are known to be places for gay sex. But as I repeatedly said you can find friends there. Maybe even romance. As absurd as the book title Finding Love in a Gay Bathhouse is you can actually find intimate partners at a gay sauna or gay bathhouse. The books give practical advice on how to avoid sleazy encounters like going there early and getting a person’s phone number.

Sauna Guide International

There are plenty of gay saunas and gay bathhouses around the U.S. If you’re traveling this is a good guide to have. Believe or not you can find a sexy guy at gay bathhouses like the ones on the cover. At the East Side Club in NYC and at the Crew Club in Washington you’ll see handsome men of all types and sizes, especially during Pride festivals.