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What’s my gender & sexuality? Check out these gay quizzes and LGBTQ guides (2022)

Are you an LGBTQ person stqruggling with your sexuality or gender identity? Discover who you are through these gay quizzes and LGBTQ guides.

Self-discovery is a journey that we all go through. For some of us, it takes longer to discover who we are. Growing up I felt attracted to other males but didn’t understand why.  It wasn’t till my adulthood that I realized I was gay.  I learned that being gay means being attracted to persons of the same gender. If you’re unsure about your gender or sexuality check out some of the gay quizzes and LGBTQ guides below.

Gay quizzes and LGBTQ guides

You and Your Gender Identity: A Guide to Discovery

The book above does an excellent job of explaining gender identity with good examples. The author is a gender therapist which I didn’t even know exists. What I really like about this book is that it gives an easy-to-follow approach to discovering who you are. The author breaks this process into several stages with the 1st stage being exploration. Many older persons, both straight and LGBTQ, still trying to figure out who they are and this book would help them in their process. The book also mentions shame and guilt which stem from childhood and continue into adulthood if it’s not addressed. So whether you’re gay or straight there are lessons in this book you can learn from.

The Gender Identity Guide for Parents

There are a lot of people like myself that don’t fully grasp the concept of gender identity. Just because somebody dresses feminine doesn’t necessarily identify as female. As a parent, you should educate yourself about gender identity. It will help your child through the coming out process if they are LGBTQ. When I was a child I was confused about my sexuality and gender. It was hard to be my true self because I was in denial and focused on who I was. Thankfully, I was raised in a good household and didn’t look to the streets for guidance.

Any parent should get this, even if you’re LGBTQ. I know gay parents whose children refuse to be open with them about their sexuality and gender identity. The Gender Identity Guide would help that parent connect with their LGBTQ child better.

How to Understand Your Gender

How to Understand Your Gender is like an encyclopedia of gender identity. It does a great job of explaining gender identity and discusses other related topics around gender stereotypes, gendered words, etc. In the book, the author states that gender is biopsychosocial which is

LGBTQ+ Definitions Guide

There are dozens of genders and sexualities. This guide right here explains some of the most popular ones.

What is gender & sexuality?

Gender identity is a simple yet complex concept. I never understood the concept of sexuality and gender until adulthood. Sexuality is who you are attracted to and gender is who you are. You can be born with male genitalia but if you feel that you’re a female your gender identity would be male. There are many different types of genders including female, male, transgender, pangender, transgender, non-binary, two-spirit, etc. There are even more gender pronouns including he/him, she/her, zie/hir, sie, vers, etc.

How to come out?

Coming out is a lifelong process. Every time you reveal your sexuality or gender to someone or in a certain setting you are in essence coming out again. The first time I came out was a huge relief and I felt more comfortable about who I am. Even though I’ve come out more than 10 years ago once I reveal my sexuality to a new friend or acquaintance sometimes it feels like the first time I’ve come out. Being gay and of color, I can understand why there are DL and closeted men. They risk facing verbal or even physical harassment in their environments including their own homes.

If you are struggling with your sexuality there are many safe LGBTQ spaces. If you enjoy dancing and partying there are tons of bars in the Village, Hell’s Kitchen, and Harlem where you can freely express yourself. There are also LGBTQ Meetup groups with all types of niches including travel, food, and furry.