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Gay party ideas & supplies (2022)

Are you a person that enjoys partying but hates going to the club?  Here are some ways to enjoy yourself at home.

This month is Pride Month which celebrates LGBTQIA+ persons. One of the best ways to celebrate is through partying. The gays love to party.  It’s our escape from reality. . If you’re like me you’re probably tired of the club scene and would rather host your party. You can throw a gay party by getting a rainbow flag, a good drink & food men, cute decorations, and of course a good music playlist. If that’s the case here are some gay party ideas and supplies to plan a lit event!

Gay party ideas & supplies

HARZHI 360 Photo Booth Machine

360 photo booth machines have become very popular. I’ve seen them used at both formal and informal events. All groups of people from the heterosexual to LGBTQ community enjoy using the product. It’s so fun to use and will add to an enjoyable party experience.

This product is not cheap but is a good investment. You can even make a profit from it by renting it out for parties and events. My frat brother does this and makes hundreds of dollars in just a couple of hours for an event.

Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine

What’s a party without cocktails? Yes, it’s a stereotype that gays love to drink. But hey, it’s kinda true. If you plan to have a party you should consider purchasing the machine in the picture above. You can make a margarita or another cocktail with the simple press of a button. There’s an automatic rinse system so there won’t an aftertaste from other cocktails being made.

DJ Disco Stage Party Lights

There is something about disco lights that really gets me in the dancing mood. If you plan to have your party indoors then you should purchase this product. What’s cool is that the lights come with a remote so you can easily switch the speed and colors of the light from different parts of the room. The product can be used at any type of event including birthdays, house parties, and banquets.

Large Charcuterie Boards Set & Cheese Platter

If you decide to have an intimate and elegant gathering then you should have a charcuetrie board. The board is good for cheese and meats, :).

Glitter Gold Alphabet LET’S PARTY Banner

As I mentioned before a lot of gays love to party. And so this banner would be perfect for any party or event hosted among your gay besties and friends. What I like is that the banner contains the word “b@tches” which is a commonly used phrase within many gay circles including young and old.

SHANGXING 3 Packs Disposable Rainbow Tablecloth

The rainbow is an important symbol of the LGBTQ community since it represents unity and love. And so, if you host a pride party this month you definitely have an item with the rainbow. This rainbow tablecloth is perfect for a PRIDE event since it’s very noticeable. It may be a little over the top but a great statement about LGBTQ pride.

The Queer Culture Drinking Game

This is the perfect game to play among your LGBTQ friends. This drinking game is very appealing from the purple deck to the name of the game “Cock and Tails”. There are different types of cards such as spill the tea cards and prep cards. If you like mess you will definitely enjoy this game. There are cards that will ask you to state your nastiest hookup or drink. If you’re the prude type or private and are a drinker you will still enjoy this game since you will have to drink if you don’t do certain instructions. Just be mindful that you will get drunk!

Elegant Gold Rimmed Plastic Cups

I put this product on this list for my fellow bougie gays. If you don’t like red plastic cups this would be a great substitute. The cups have a gold rim which gives the cup an elegant look. You can actually use these cups at weddings and other formal occasions. The best part about this product is that you get 100 cups for an affordable price.

Assorted Colors Drinking Cups

If you’re having a huge party it would be best to get plastic cups. They are cheap and disposable. The assorted colors make it even more interesting. You can spice up the party by having each color represent your sexual position. For instance, red cups can be labeled as “Top” and yellow cups can be labeled as “Bottom”.

Pride Month

Since it’s PRIDE Month you should consider the gay rights movement and how it has affected both the LGBTQ community and our allies. Queer history is important because it reminds us that we must be united in order to continue making progress in the LGBTQ community. PRIDE (Personal Rights in Defense and Education) Month is a celebration of LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer( persons and commemoration of the Stone Wall Riots; there is LGBT History month in June which is different. At Stonewall transgender activists Marsha P Johnson, Sylvia Rivera, and other LGBTQ leaders rioted in response to police raids. The first gay PRIDE was held on June 28, 1970, but it wasn’t till June 25, 198 that the rainbow flag started to be used. The rainbow flag was created by Gilbert Baker and became an important part of the LGBT community. There are 7 colors of the rainbow flag and in combination, they represent love and unity.