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14 Best Gay Party Games (2022)

Are you a gay person looking for a fun game night?  See below for some of the best drinking board games & gay party games.

Drinking board games are games that involve LOTS of drinking and interesting conversations.  And gay party games like Queer Agenda and Cock and Tails are simply games geared toward the gay community.  If you’re looking for a fun night out with your queer friends then why not have a game night? the games I’ve listed below are great options.   Just make sure you’re in good company with thick skin because the tea will be spilled.

Best gay party games

1. Drink-A-Palooza

I remember in college most of the drinking games that I played were flip cup or beer pong in bars and random spots.  These games were cool but sometimes simple and repetitive.  Well, Drink-A-Palooza is far from both.  Just looking at this drinking board game you can see how entertaining it is.  The board is very colorful and almost resembles the Monopoly game.  Drink-A-Palooza is a combination of flip cup, beer pong, kings cup, and quarters.  Up to 12 people can play the game at 1 time.  The board makes the game look complicated but it’s pretty simple.  The way the game works is that you roll the dice and that you play the mini-game you land on.  So if you’re not totally wasted you’ll be able to follow the rules.

2. Drunken Tower

Drunken Tower is Jenga with alcohol involved. Jenga is such a simple game but very fun.  In Jenga, there’s a tower of wooden blocks and each player has to remove blocks from the tower without making the tower fall.  There is only a loser who is the person that makes the tower fall.  The only difference with Drunk Tower is that once you remove a block you have to follow the command written on the block.  The tea is that you have to be coordinated in order to remove the blocks.

3. Do or Drink: Pride Edition

This game is played just as the title says.  This is one of the most popular drinking games. It definitely is crazy and spills a lot of tea.  The way the game is played is that a person picks a card and does the challenge on the card or takes a shot.  Some of the challenges are crazy.  There’s one that tells you to either pee in a sink, take 2 shots, or quit playing.  The game comes in different expansion packs for social media users, singles, couples, and other groups of people. 

4. Cards Against Humanity: Pride Pack

This is another card game that can get a little ratchet.  The way this game works a player picks a card and fills in the blank for a card.  For instance, there is a card that reads, “I’m high on……….”.  This brings an element of surprise to even some shy persons.  There are different expansion packs for this game including the pride

5. Black-owned

Black-owned is a drinking game created by a black person.  I love the concept of this game because most board games are catered to mainstream culture.  Black-owned creates a sense of pride and unity among African Americans.  It’s a trivia game and the way it works is that a person picks a card and if there’s a question on the card it has to be answered.  There are some cards that will tell you just to drink.   The original game covers black shows and movies from the 80s and 90s like Martin and Friday.  There is also an expansion pack for couples.

6. Sotally Sober

The name of this game alone would entice many adults to try this game.  At least in my opinion.  If you’re a shy person get prepared to show your true colors.  There are different color decks that either tell you to perform a hidden trick, perform a certain talent, or do something silly.  For instance, there’s a card that tells you to have a staring contest with someone.  If you lose or refuse a challenge you have to drink.  This game is definitely a crowd pleaser and will have you feeling lit even before the game is over.

7. Drunk Stoned or Stupid

This is another game that spills the tea.  Actually, it spills a lot of tea.  This is a game you can play with 4 or more players.  The way the rules work is that a player draws a card that asks you to say who’s most likely to do a certain action.  For instance, There’s a card that says, “Is obsessed with their butt”.  So you can just imagine the laughs and tea it will bring.    

8. Shot glass roulette

I’m a simple person.  So playing a game like this is very delightful.  Russian roulette is a popular casino game that even as a young child I knew how to play.  The way the original game works is that there’s a board with numbers.  The referee rolls a dice and a player best on a number.  If the dice land on that number the player score points.  The shot glass roulette works in that you spin the dial and whatever number you land is the shot glass you have to drink.  If you’re a hardcore drinker this is the game for you since it doesn’t require any thinking.

9. Cock and tails

You can tell by the name that this is an adult game.   First, I love the cute box artwork.  Of all the adult games on this list, Cock and tails are the most LGBTQ-friendly.  This game makes a lot of references to queer culture like being on Prep and queer culture slang.  If you are a gay person and among other gay persons this is the perfect game to play.

10. The Queer Agenda

This is another exclusive LGBT party game by LGBT people.  Just the name indicates that it is very queer fiends.  There are cards that refer to Broadway musicals RuPaul’s Drag race, and queer culture.  Now, I’m going, to be honest, some of the cards can be a little rude.  Like there are cards that say to slap someone and say something that makes a person unf@ckable.  So, just be cautious because this gay party game can lead to fights if you’re 9playing with people you’re unfamiliar with.

11. LGBTQ Rainbow Party Shaped Bingo Game

Bingo is one of the most popular party games.  It’s Pride Month and what way to celebrate with Pride Bingo.  The rules apply just as in regular Bingo.  What I like about this LGBTQ version of Bingo is the way the Bingo cards are designed.  They have a rainbow pattern which stands for unity. 

12. Uno: Play with Pride

Uno is a classic card game. It is one of my favorite car games. The rules are simple and very easy to follow. The way it’s played is that the first person to remove all of the cards from their hands wins. This edition is the Pride edition. Pride is a celebration of the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer) culture.

13. Gayhood

This is another party game strictly for gay men. It’s a card game where players draw cards and have to answer the questions on the card truthfully or drink.

14. Gay Poker Cards

If you enjoy playing card games like Spades or Poker you would enjoy having this set of Gay Poker Cards. The cards have a cover of two homosexual men. The cards have a nice feel which makes it even more appealing.

Wrap up

This month is PRIDE Month so it’s definitely a time to celebrate your queerness.  The games above are very LGBTQ-friendly and can even build new friendships and even romantic relationships with other queer individuals.

There are plenty of other drinking board games and gay party games but these are the ones that I feel the LGBTQ community would enjoy the most.