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Gay Kik

Are you a gay man who feels isolated from the gay community? If so, I got the solution for you.

Every single person, whether heterosexual or homosexual, needs a sense of belonging. This is especially the case for gay men because of the traumas and struggles we face growing up queer. Many gay men including myself struggle with being open about their sexual orientation in fear of homophobic backlash. Fortunately, times have changed and more physical spaces have allowed us to build gay communities. But where are the gay communities online? If you’re a gay man and looking to meet other gay men gay Kik is the wave.

What is Kik?

Kik is a messaging app that lets you communicate with your friends and family easily. You can send messages, photos, and videos to your contacts without having to pay for SMS. Kik also has a built-in web browser so you can surf the web while you chat. Plus, there are tons of stickers and emojis to choose from! Kik is available on iOS and Android devices.

Why use Kik?

There are several reasons to use KikWhat’s good about Kik is that it’s free. Also, you can connect with people from the comfort of your home. When I was in my 20s I enjoyed going out to the bars and clubs. But now that I’m older I don’t enjoy going out as much and have become more of a homebody. Kik makes it convenient to connect with people from home.

How to use Kik?

Just as in real life you should be friendly on Kik. You should not use foul or inappropriate language when communicating with others. Not only is this not nice but you can potentially have your account suspended if reported.

Also, use a creative and appropriate Kik username. The name can reflect your personality or passions like Brunchfoodie89 or mrknowitall92.

What to be mindful of on Kik?

Just keep in mind that there are trolls on Kik just like any social media platform. Trolls are cyber bullies. For whatever reason, either psychological or mental, they aim to hort other peoples character and/or tarnish their reputation. Anybody can be a victim or cyberbullying. There are many trolls who would specifically bash celebrities and influencers as in the case of Selena Vargas. You can be the most positive person and still get based. So if you don’t have thick skin work on that.

Wrap up

gay kik

Being gay can be a lonely life. However, with the right resources, you can gain access to communities and groups. One way to connect with your fellow LGBTQ brothers and sisters is through gay Kik.

You can also join a great gay community through Men Who Brunch. We host day parties and happy hours where you can mix and mingle with black gay men. Stay up to date on Men Who Brunch events by subscribing to our newsletter.