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Best gay jokes gifts (2022)

Are you looking to purchase for your gay bestie or loved one? Check out some of the best gay jokes gifts on Amazon.

Laughter is good for the soul.  I’m a silly person by nature and so I’m constantly laughing even in serious moments.  One way I keep myself entertained is by hearing or telling jokes. If you want to give a gay friend or gay loved one a gift it would be ideal to give something with gay jokes. Check below for some good options.

Best gay jokes gifts

50 cocks that won’t disappoint- a chicken lovers recipe

This is a creative title for a cookbook. It mentions the word “cock” which means a chicken but also can refer to a men’s genitalia. This is a cookbook on Amazon so you definitely want any nudity in the book. Even though there is a naked man on the front cover you won’t find anything porn related in the book. This is not a book by a celebrity chef, but don’t be disappointed. I can cook and have great taste so I can put a stamp on this book. The cookbook has dozens of check recipes including fried chicken, chicken parmesan, etc. Some of the recipes are actually really good.

If you have a gay friend that wants to learn how to cook or is even a chef they would get a good chuckle just by reading the book’s title. Furthermore, there are recipes that would really attract good cocks to your kitchen.

Funny Gay Bumper Stickers

I’ve seen many outrageous car bumper stickers. Some were overly sexual and just straight classless. So why not have a funny gay bumper sticker? I’m open with my sexuality but am reserved depending on the space I’m in. If you are very open about your sexuality you would like the funny gay bumper stickers shown above. In the pack, there are a couple of bumper stickers, including one that says “I Love Gay Porn” and “I’m so straight I can’t even drive straight”. The one that says “I’m so straight I can’t even drive straight” is hilarious. The wordplay is creative and will definitely turn other drivers’ and pedestrians’ heads.

If you have a gay friend who drives and is open with his sexuality he would get a good laugh at the bumper stickers.

I like my whiskey straight pride shirt

Whiskey is known to be a straight man’s drink. Drink it moderately because if you don’t you will get drunk. This shirt shows an LGBT’s personal love for whiskey with no chaser!!! Even though some of the heterosexual community considered to gays be prissy and soft we can do the same things as straight men, including drinking heavy liquor. I got stories on gays drinking Long Islands like it was water. So what makes this shirt interesting and cool is that it shows that some of us gays can drink like fish. And one common thing is that all of us open gays won’t change our sexuality.

Guncle Definition Rainbow Pride Color T-Shirt

Youth is a beautiful period of time but such is adulthood. Beauty and maturity grow in age. Unfortunately, many of the youth and even older persons don’t fully grasp this concept.’ In the gay community, ageism is popular. Ageism is biases against older and senior persons. Often I’ve heard insults of older gay people being washed up and only good as sugar daddies. Younger persons should look to older persons for guidance and wisdom but many times that’s not the case.

This shirt goes against the stereotype of older gay men being rusty and washed up. There are cool, stylish gay uncles like myself and would give a lot of younger gay men a run for their money.

Love Eggplant T-Shirt

This is a cute t-shirt that would turn heads. The eggplant is a popular emoji used when texting. The t-shirt above has a heart and purple emoji which another gay man may easily identify.

If you have a gay friend who’s simple and doesn’t like anything flashy he would be delighted with this shirt.

Wrap up

Life is not easy. It’s full of pain, sorry, and displeasure. If you have a gay friend or loved going through a difficult time a great way to cheer them up is to give them a gift. The gay jokes gifts listed above will put a smile on faces, especially persons of the homosexual community.