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9 Hottest Gay Hangouts in Queens

Are you a Queens resident looking for fun gay hangouts in Queens? Find out about the hottest gay and gay-friendly bars and venues.

Queens is the largest borough in New York City. There are so many things to explore and indulge in including restaurants, museums, and shopping centers. But what about the gay nightlife scene? Contrary to popular belief there are gay hangouts in Queens. See below.

9 Gay Hangouts in Queens


Vibes is a soul restaurant/bar in Jamaica, Queens. The venue was recently renovated during Covid and looks amazing. There is a takeout side where you can order and pick up food. There’s another side for the actual bar/lounge where you can sit and drink or eat. The ambiance is cute. There are flat-screen TVs plastered all over the wall. The resident DJ is Preme who’s been on 107.5 and really knows to keep the crowd engaged. What I like most about Vibes is the food and staff. There are a lot of hit-and-miss food spots in NYC but Vibes is definitely a hit. If you’re looking for consistently good soul food to come Vibes. Furthermore, breakfast is served all day and there are tons of food options including salmon quesadillas, silver pancakes, honey wings, yellow rice, salad, and so much more! It is one of the best in New York City. And as far as the staff bartenders like Jazz and Dior are some of the best bar staff I’ve met at a venue. They are not just pretty but have great personalities.

Keep note that Vibes is not a gay venue but it is gay-friendly. Recently, Men Who Brunch just started hosting a game night on Wednesdays. The game night includes tons of tabletop games like Uno, Spades, Checkers, and Sorry. Whether you’re part of the heterosexual or gay community you would have a great time at Vibes.

Friends Tavern

Friend’s Tavern is located in Jackson Heights on Roosevelt Avenue, one of the busiest strips in Queens. There are several other Latin gay bars and gay clubs including Club Evolution and Music Box nearby.  This is the oldest gay bar in Queens.  I remember I first went there in my 20s. It resembled an actual tavern but it has a totally new modern look. There are flat-screen televisions hanging right above the bar. The bar is neatly organized with all types of spirits and wines. There are several events during the week including Karaoke Tuesdays, $5 Wednesdays, and Thirsty Thursdays. One of the best days to go is Fridays. The last time I went there was some hot muscular strippers at the venue.

At Friend’s Tavern, you will mostly see gay Hispanic men but you’ll also see some black gay men.  The drinks here are not Manhattan prices so you won’t break your pockets as much as you would in the city. The hookah is only $25 which is very affordable compared to many other bars.  If you live in Queens this is one of the gay bars in NYC that you should go to.

Club Evolution

Club Evolution is another LGBTQ bar on Roosevelt Ave. It is the sister bar to Friend’s Tavern. It’s the largest gay dance spot in Jackson Heights. The venue has a cute ambiance with purple and bluish lighting. There is a medium size dancing space on the right side of the club and on the left side there are seats and tables. In the middle of the venue, there’s a bar. I haven’t been to Club Evolution in a while but what I know is that it has a Latin vibe like many other gay bars in Jackson Heights.

Hombres Lounge

Hombres Lounge is one of the best gay hangout spots in Queens.  I’ve had so many gay experiences here that I don’t even know where to start.  I’ve actually met my ex-boyfriend here so this place always brings back nostalgic memories.  Hombres Lounge has two floors.  On the first floor are the bar and the dancing section.  In the basement, there are bathrooms and a seating section.  The bartenders look ok and there are go-go dancers who look decent as well.  As you can tell by the name Hombres has mostly a Spanish crowd.  This is one of the Latin gay in Queens for the older and younger crowd so if you come here you’ll definitely fit in.

Kween Cocktails & Kitchen

Kween is a gay bar in Astoria, Queens. Astoria is a lively neighborhood in Queens with a diverse community. The neighborhood has some of the best hookah lounges and clubs in all of New York City. One thing I loved about the bar is the decor.  The venue has purple lightning which gives it a sexy vibe as opposed to many other bars with dark lightning that make you feel like you’re in a cave.  At the end of the bar, there is a fancy chair that would make you feel like royalty.

There are several events throughout the week including Fiesta Fridays, Trivia at the Palace, Bingo Night, and drag brunch on the weekends. The times I’ve been there I’ve seen mostly Latin and white men with a sprinkle of black men.

What I love about the venue is that the food is good. This is one of the few bars where you can actually eat and drink and be totally satisfied. I went there on Tuesday and the tacos were slamming!!


Albatross is another gay bar in Astoria. The venue is small and has an intimate atmosphere. If you’re looking to connect with a mature crowd this is the spot to go to. There are several gay events throughout the week like Game Night and Paint Sip. One of the most interesting events is the Underwear Party which takes place on the first Saturday of every month. The clientele is mostly Caucasian but there are queer men of color patrons. If you’re looking for a happy hour that’s not over the top definitely come to Albatross.


Icon is located in Astoria, Queens. It’s a cute local bar that has an intimate atmosphere. There are weekly events including a drag show and karaoke. The bar is even open on Mondays.

Music Box

Music Box is another gay bar in Astoria. It’s conveniently located right by the Roosevelt Ave train station. This was one of the first places I used to come to when I would frequent Jackson Heights. The drinks here are moderately priced

Fresco’s Grand Cantina

Fresco’s Cantina is a queer POC bar in Astoria. It’s one of the very few in Astoria. The venue has a drag brunch on Sundays which has been rated one of the best drag brunches in NYC. The drag queens at this brunch keep the crowd fully engage with their comedic antics and exciting dance routines. If you decide to come for brunch make sure you get a reservation because it gets fully packed.

One thing I love about Fresco’s Grand Cantina is the ambiance. Half of the venue has a rustic tavern look and the other half has an outdoor patio with a garden feel. Another great aspect of the venue is the food and drinks. I had a mocktail mojito and it was so delicious!!!

There are several LGBTQ events during the week like Taco Tequila Tuesdays and drag brunch. If you’re a queer person of color or ally you definitely need to check out Fresco’s Grand Cantina.

Wrap Up

I often hear in the gay community that there’s nothing to do in Queens. But there’s plenty to do. If you’re a MLM or fall under any part of the LGBTQ spectrum you would enjoy the gay hangouts in Queens