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Gay furry comics on Amazon

Are you a gay person who’s interested in gay furry comics? Check out some comics that you can purchase on Amazon.

What is a gay furry?

A gay furry is a gay person that has an interest in cartoon animals(primarily wolves, bears, and foxes) that can have gender or be genderless. The concept of furries was invented by an author named Felix Salten. Some gay furries have a mild interest in animated animals while others are very passionate about them. According to statistics, a large percentage of furries are LGBT. There are furries all over the world, including China. The city with the most furries is Pittsburgh. There is even a convention for furries. If you’re gay and interested in furries you would enjoy gay furry comics. Some furry comics can be kid-friendly and others have a very adult element. Some of those mature comics can be disturbing so I won’t mention them.

Gay furry comics on Amazon

Pit Fighters 1. The Opportunity

This gay furry comic is ranked as one of Amazon’s list of best-selling LGBTQ short reads. The comic is the first part of a series of four other comics. It’s about a rabbit named Paris who lives a lonely life. Just by looking at the front cover, you can safely assume his personality traits. Paris is timid and not very confident with himself. He’s not well-liked and has a small circle of friends. One of Paris’s interests is pit fighting which is a combat sport. There’s an epiphany once Paris finds out that Pit Fighting is looking for new recruits. The plot thickens as Paris goes through trials and tribulations as he seeks to become a Pit Fighter.

Circles: No Straight Lines Make Up My Life

This is another non-sexual gay furry comic with decent content and real-life themes including love and friendship. This comic has a collection of stories. The book is set in the 1970s which was around the time of the gay rights movement. The gay rights movement was a significant time in LGBT history.

Circles: The Years Keep Rolling By

This book is the final chapter of the Circles saga.

Associated Student Bodies Yearbook

Coming out is not easy. It’s a lifelong long process that gets easier. But the first step is to come out to yourself. This means acknowledging your sexuality. The comic above focuses on the theme of authenticity and being who you are. The plot is centered on a guy in college who comes to terms with his sexuality. Though it’s a challenge he finds peace and happiness in living in his truth.

Are gay furries included in the LGBTQ community?

Yes, gay furries are included in the LGBTQ community. There are heterosexual men that are furries but many of them identify as LGBT. In some gay pride parades, there are even some gay furry groups that walk in the parade. There is even a subset of furries called fursonas. In gay furry comics furries speak to each other using a language called foxish.

Furries have fun by going to different types of events including furry parties and furry conventions. Furry conventions can be kid friendly unless stated otherwise.. if you go to a furry convention you may have to drop at least 1k.

ome may think gay furries are weird even to other LGBTQ members. I’m not a fan of the adult gay furry porn comics but I do respect gay furries who are trying to live honest and truthful lives.

Wrap up

Gay furries are popular in the LGBT community with a large percentage being white. There is even a gay furry pride flag. There’s a common misconception that furries is a type of kink but that’s not true.

If you’re a gay fury and want to come out you can join online groups with other gay furries. If you’re a parent and have a son that wants to be a furry it is because he wants to express himself in different ways. Your son may be shy but as a furry, he can showcase different parts of his personality.

If you or anyone else you know is interested in anthropomorphic animals you would enjoy the comics above.