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Gay for fans

It is Pride Month and time to gather up your best fans.  In this post, I will let you know some of the best gay fans to purchase on Amazon.

June is one the most enjoyable times of the year since it’s Pride Month.  Pride Month is a time to celebrate gay pride.  Pride is being proud of who you are regardless of your gender or sexuality.  You can express pride by wearing the rainbow flag or supporting a local gay cause.  One of the common ways LGBT pride is expressed is through fashion and accessories.  If you are LGBT and plan to attend any gay pride events here are some fans you should

Gay pride fans

Sojourner Bags Rave Hand Fan

“Bye bitch” is a popular phrase in the LGBTQ community.  And so this would be a cute accessory for the Pride parade.   This fan was created with drag in mad.  Drag is a person that performs in feminine clothes.  If you have never been to a drag show you need to go!

Amajiji Large Folding Hand Rave Fan

This is another colorful fan to have.  The Amajiji Hand Rave Fan is a fan that you will enjoy having.  The fan has flashing colors that resemble a disco light.  It’s best to use it in dark settings like a theater or nightclub.  The fan has a loud whooping sound when you open it.

PandaTak Gay Pride Flag- But Daddy I Love Him

Are you an openly gay mature man?  This item is right up your alley.  The fan has a male mermaid with a beard.   The man appears to be a butch queen which is well built man who’s flamboyant.

What I like about this flag is that pays homage to older gay men.  Older gays are often overlooked by younger gays.

Gay Grindr Flag

If you’re part of the gay community you most likely have heard of Grindr, a gay hookup and dating app.  It’s one of the most popular gay apps with millions of users.  I’ve used it before and did enjoy it.  If you enjoy using the app then you may like this fan. The fan is black and yellow and has the Grindr logo.