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Gay bars in Raleigh, North Carloina

Are you a gay man coming to Raleigh and looking for fun queer spaces? Check out these gay bars in Raleigh.

There are many gay cities across the United States but barely any in the South. Southern states like Alabama and North Carolina are conservative and have less exposure to queer culture than liberal states. Fortunately, cities within Southern states like Raleigh and Charlotte are becoming much more queer-friendly. Below is a list of gay hangouts to go to in Raleigh.

Gay bars in Raleigh


One of the gay bars in Raleight

Libations is a gay bar in Downtown Raleigh that has a super cute decor. There’s an outdoor patio. Once you walk inside you’ll feel completely at ease and relaxed. The interior looks very modern. On one part of the wall is a collection records. The bar has a good selection of liquors and beers and the drink menu has cute cocktails. I’ve had a couple of the special cocktails which were tasty. There is a brunch menu that has common brunch foods like chicken and waffles and omelets. If you’re looking for a chic gay brunch spot this is the best place to go. On Sundays from about 11 am-3 pm there is a drag show and beginning Wednesday nights there will be karaoke.

Ruby Deluxe

Ruby’s Deluxe is a gay bar in downtown Raleigh. The venue is an inconspicuous spot that can be easily missed by passersby. You have to walk down a narrow path in order to get to the entrance. Here you’ll find all persons of the LGBTQ community including gay furries, transgender, etc. This is a gay dive bar so don’t expect Espresso Martinis or Hennesy Sidecars. The drinks are cheap, including top shelf and bottom shelf. I was actually very surprised at how much I paid very drinks. On Saturdays, there is a drag show which is only $10.


Legends is the biggest gay venue. Here you’ll find mostly gay and bisexual men. What I like about this place is that it’s a huge melting pot of blacks, whites, Latinos, and many other ethnic and racial groups. There are several rooms in this club, including one huge dance room with a huge elevated platform. There’s a huge outdoor patio. My only suggestion is for the DJs to play more hip-hop and R&B music.


Flex used to be a bar in a basement. It recently changed its location adjacent to Legends. I went to Flex on a Tuesday and it was a decent experience. The drinks are unbelievably cheap. I paid about $4 for a white claw. The spot doesn’t look divey as its prior location which I like. The main room is spacious and in the backroom, there is a gaming section with a pool table and even a basketball machine. This is so cool since it provides non-drinkers with other types of entertainment besides drinking and dancing. The busy nights are Thursday to Sunday.

Wrap up

If you’re visiting Raleigh you may think that there’s not to do. Raleigh, North Carolina is a growing city with the potential to become a gay city. It doesn’t drive the same traffic to its gay bars and venues as in New York and California. But the gay nightlife is there. Just check out the gay spots I listed above.