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Ernest Khalimov: A Gay Man’s Fantasy

Every gay man has a sexual fantasy with a straight man. One of those hottest men is Ernest Khalimov.

Sex sells! Many gay men drool over guys with athletic physiques and muscled bodies like Michael Strahan and Michael P Jordan. I’m not too crazy over those types of men but some will catch my eye. One of them is Ernest Khalimov.

Who is Ernest Khalimov?

Ernest Khalimov is a 52-year-old man of Russian descent. H He is a model and fitness trainer. He goes by the nickname Gigachad (a chad is an attractive male) and Average Enjoyer. There’s really no public information about his parents and whether or not he has siblings.

Ernest reached the peak of his career when after the Gigachad memes were posted on bodybuilding forums and on social media sites. Ernest was getting thousands of likes from the memes which poked fun at muscular men and showed images of men that literally look like the Hulk. Well, the actual Gigachd is not photoshopped. Ernest commented on the memes and instead of being nasty and shady, he gave a warm response. He thanked social media users for helping him grow.

Death hoax

Last year there was mention that Ernest got into a car accident. The story went viral and fans were hitting him up. Fortunately, it was only a rumor.

What’s going on with the Gigachad now?

Ernest currently remains on social media with over 700k followers. He keeps his life very private so you won’t find intimate details about him. You won’t even find Ernest on Wikipedia.

Ernest Khalimov measurements

Ernest is about 6 feet 8 inches and over 200 pounds.

Why is Ernest Khalimov a gay man’s fantasy?

Men are visual creatures. Instinctually, we are attracted to persons we consider physically attractive even if those persons have nasty personalities. This applies to both heterosexual and homosexual men. The difference between straight and gay men is the types of attraction we desire. Gay men are interested in femininity while heterosexual men are interested in masculinity. Thus, many gay men are especially attracted to men that have muscled bodies. I know this from personal experience and observation on social media. Even if a guy doesn’t have a cute face he still will be idolized if he has a well-built or athletic shape.

Personally, I prefer a cute face over a chiseled body. But I see that this is the opposite in the LGBTQ community. I see even some bisexual and gay men with athletic physiques downplay their physical features because they want to look more athletic. Many of them desire to look like Hulk Hogan. Since Ernest Khalimov actually resembles him he’s considered a gay sexual fantasy.

Wrap up

Ernest Khalimov is definitely in a league of his own. The Gigachad memes show the physical prowess of the Russian trainer.

With all the information I provided you know that Gigachad is not a CGI but an actual person. You can find him on his Instagram, berlin.1969.