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Black gay nightlife events in NYC

Looking for fun black gay events and parties to go to in NYC during this pandemic? Check out this blog post of the best black gay nightlife events in NYC

I enjoy the black gay social scene most of the time. By attending black gay events I’m able to network with my fellow black gay brothers and build friendships. Even during the coronavirus epidemic, I have been going out to several black gay events as an escape from reality(while being socially distant). In this article, I will discuss the best black gay nightlife events in NYC.

Black gay nightlife events in NYC

Trappy Hour

Trappy Hour is a weekly black gay event that takes place at Harlem Nights. It is hosted by black gay event producer Leon Curry This event occurs every Thursday from about 7 pm to 10 pm. Trappy Hour is one of the most famous black gay events in New York City. There have been a lot of black gay influencers that attended Trappy Hour.

The original concept of the event is that trap music and booty-shaking songs would be played throughout the night. As time passed Trappy Hour has incorporated more types of music genres including pop and R&B.

There are drink specials during happy hour so your pockets won’t be hurt if you come. I came to Trappy Hour about a month ago and did enjoy myself. There were plenty of black gay men of all different ages. One issue was the wait time for food. However, the waiter looked out big time by cutting down by bill drastically. Shout out to the bartender.

If you’re visiting New York or you’re a current resident definitely stop by Trappy Hour. The promoter is cool, the drinks are good, and the vibe is cool. Best of all, admission is free!

Taco Tuesday

Taco Tuesday is a weekly event hosted by event producer Frank Watson. Watson has produced many successful events for the black gay community including day parties during NYC Pride and New Year’s parties. I’ve been to a couple of his events and always enjoyed myself. Taco Tuesday was lit as f@CK prior to Covid and remains a popular black gay event even during the coronavirus pandemic.

Taco Tuesday takes place on Tuesdays at Jimmy’s New York which is located in midtown. The event takes place from 4 pm to 10 pm. DJ Poison Ivy, one of the most popular DJs in the gay social scene, usually is on the 1’s and 2’s at the event. As I said before Frank Watson knows how to bring out the black gays in masses so expect a fun time at Taco Tuesday.

Naked on Arrival

Naked on Arrival (NOA) is a nude event for gay men of color. The event is hosted by Dre Antar, a gay black socialite. He started NOA as a way for gay men of color to come together in a safe inclusive where they can truly express themselves. It started 3.5 years ago. Naked on Arrival takes place at Alibi, a black gay bar in Harlem, NY, which is a clean, upscale venue. I’ve been to nude events that have taken place in some ghetto, run-down spots. And so gay nudists of color would definitely enjoy coming to Alibi for Naked of Arrival. Admission for the event is $25 which may seem a lot but you get what you pay for. NOA is not a sex party so don’t expect to see full all-out orgies at Alibi.


Cozy is a weekly R&B party hosted by event-produced Leon Curry. The event is pretty much the R&B version of Trappy Hour. Cozy takes place on Sunday at Harlem Nights. If you’re looking for a chill spot on a Sunday night and want to meet other black gays this is the spot to go to.

Black gay bars in NYC


Alibi is a black gay bar in Harlem founded by human rights attorney Alex Minko. It’s one of two black gay bars in Harlem and one of the few black gay bars in the whole United States. Alibi is small and intimate. The establishment is never really jam-packed so you’ll be able to sit and enjoy your drink without someone directly over your shoulders. Despite many gay bars closing down during the coronavirus epidemic Alibi has been able to survive. As stated in the article “Black-owned gay bars are dwindling. Can they survive Covid?” by Julie Compton Alibi has remained steadfast is one of the few black gay bars that is surviving.

Lambda Lounge

Lambda Lounge is another black-owned gay bar in New York. The owners are Charles Hughes and Richard Solomon. They are owners of the liquor Lambda Vodka. They created Lambda Lounge as a safe space for the black queer community. The lounge is very cute and has a modern look. One side of the wall is brick, there are leather couches, and the place is clean.

If you want a sexy and mature vibe then come to Lambda Lounge.

Why is black gay nightlife in NYC important?

Black gay nightlife in NYC is important because it provides safe spaces for the black queer community to come together. There are a lot of white gay spaces but some of these places don’t always accept the black LGBTQ culture.

Wrap up

Black gay nightlife is an important part of black gay culture. The events I’ve listed above are not just a means for us to get drunk and have hookups. The black gay social scene provides opportunities for black queer men to come together and build friendships.