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Black Gay Men Chat: Top 5 Gay Dating Apps

Do you have difficulty meeting and sparking conversations with other gay men online? Don’t worry. There are plenty of social networks for gay men to chat.

As a gay man, I know it’s not easy finding a place in the community. And so, I’ve listed the top 5 social networks for black gay men chat. I’ll also provide tips on ways to communicate with guys in these networks and online.


black gay men chat

Relationship counselor John Gray stated that men and women communicate differently. This happens mainly because of how we are raised in society. Talking to a guy is not tricky. There are no set rules to follow, but one thing you must know is how to text.

Knowing how to communicate through text messages is essential. Gone are the days when people call each other to talk. Nowadays, most people, young and older, communicate with each other through texting or written messages from their phones. If we don’t feel like talking to someone, we can easily text the person. The downside to texting is that messages can be easily misunderstood. How can that be prevented? Through good texting etiquette. Here are some guidelines:

  1. Make the conversations light-hearted. Avoid having severe conversations through text unless it’s an absolute emergency. I’ve learned this the hard way. If you start a text with “We need to talk,” that may make him very cautious. I remember I would text my boyfriend this message, and he later told me that it would make him anxious because he didn’t know what would follow up. So, if a conversation is serious, have it in person.
  2. Use exclamation marks. There was an article in the Washington Post about texting that stated that using a period instead of exclamation marks is not friendly. So avoid periods as much as possible when sending text messages.
  3.  I was avoiding using all cap locks. Why? The interpretation is that you shouting. No one should feel that they are being talked to in a hurtful manner, so use lowercase when texting.
  4. Send short and simple text messages. Men have short attention spans, so don’t expect them to read a 2 paragraph text message and digest that information. If you need to send a long text message, call him instead. Again, sometimes words can be easily misconstrued, so make your text messages are brief and clear.


So now that you know good texting etiquette, you can start sending text messages. But still unsure how to grab his attention? There are several techniques you can follow to enchant a man on a chat site for gay men.

First, keep your boundaries. Never chase a man. Yes, you can initiate conversation, but you shouldn’t always be the first one sending the message. Many of us gays tend to get clingy when attracted to a guy. If you’re always the one reaching out, then fall back a little. He’ll come around otherwise if he’s genuinely interested, as Beyonce says, “to the left, to the left.”

Second, be playful and witty. Many of us are familiar with that one person we’ve dated or me who likes to “WYD” to death. I don’t want to sound harsh, but that can be not very pleasant. There are plenty of other ways to start a conversation. For instance, you can say” Hope your day is going well, just thinking about you,” or “just seen something that reminded me of you .” Guys love playful conversations so engage him with flirtatious comments.

Third, be confident. It will take you far in dating and your relationships. Men and women are attracted to people who are confident about themselves. So how can you build your confidence? Start with making a positive affirmation about yourself every single day. As you do this, you’ll notice that you will love and accept yourself more. This will spread to others, and people will be more drawn to you.


If you don’t want the hassle of registering an account on a social network, you can join a free chatroom. In chatrooms like Talkwithstranger and Chatib, you can anonymously join a chat. Honestly, I strongly advise you to avoid these chatrooms because you have no idea of who’s behind the screen and have no way of screening that person.


So now you’re probably asking. Where can I find gay guys online? There are plenty of spaces where you can find them. Here are some of the five social networks for gay men chat.

Jack’d- Ok, I know what a lot of you guys are saying and thinking. Jack’d mostly be a hookup site but you can find decent dates and make friends. I’ve actually met with one of my close friends through Jack’d. To date, we’ve been friends for about five years and honestly, he’s been a fantastic friend. Jack’d most famous for gay men of color, so if that’s your preference, that’s a network you can join. Can you Jackd on computer work? You sure can.

Grindr– How does Grindr app work? This social network is similar to Jack’d. It tells you how far or close you are next to someone based on GPS. There’s a grid of profiles, and from that grid, you can choose to connect with a person by clicking on their profile. Why is Grindr called Grindr? Grinder creator Joel Simkhai said he wanted something diverse and “not necessarily about being gay.”

Tinder: Is Tinder a hookup app? Not really. More people used to connect socially with others than anything else. Tinder is simple and very easy to use. You go to a person’s image, and if you like that profile, you swipe right. If that person views your profile and swipes right, a connection is made. The rules are more strict than Jack’d and Grindr so you won’t find many nudes in your DMS.

Bumble– Is Bumble better than Tinder? Yes and no. Bumbler works like Tinder in that you can swipe right on a person’s profile, and if that person swipes right on your profile, then a connection is made. On Bumble, you make friends and dating or business partners. You can adjust your profile based on that decision which prevents it from being a hookup app.

TaimiĀ Is Taimi good? It certainly is. It’s like the dating version of Instagram and more. You can create stories and set up a profile where you can have followers and follow others. There are a lot of other cool features like joining communities and making phone calls and video calls! The only downside to Taimi is that it does cost money. After seven days of signing up, it’s $9.99, about $18/month, and $72/year.

The plus about all the social networks I mentioned is that they are free except for Taimi. If you want additional features such as viewing more profiles and meeting more guys, you would have to pay a subscription fee.


The black gay dating scene can be pretty difficult. Many of us are still on the dl and even when we come out we don’t fully be ourselves. The chat sites I listed in this post give us more opportunities for us to connect with each other.