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The Ambiguously Gay Duo cartoon

Are you a gay person who is interested in comedy sketches? If so, you may have enjoyed the Ambiguously gay duo.

Every time I watch a cartoon with lead gay characters I smile gleefully. I can remember back when I was younger there weren’t many LGBT shows. One of the few gay cartoons was the Ambiguously gay duo. Though controversial it set a hallmark since it was one of the very few comedy sketches with gay main characters.

What is The Ambiguously Gay Duo?

The Ambiguously Gay Duo is a comedy sketch that appeared on Saturday Night Live (SNL). Its first episode aired in September 1996. The show is about two superheroes named Ace and Gray. As the title mentions their sexual orientation is not clear since it was never stated. But we all knew the real tea. The voiceovers are done by Stephen Colbert and Steve Carrell. This was a great match since they both have a quirky sense of humor in real life and on screen.

Controversy over the show

Even though The Ambiguously Gay Duo was one of the few LGBTQ shows there were some LGBTQ fans who totally opposed it. The show was controversial because it was over-sexual. Throughout many of the episodes, there were sexual innuendos. For instance, the Ace and Gray ride in a penis-shaped car. Another overly sexual aspect of the show was when they were mounted on top anytime they flew around.

The over-sexualization in LGBTQ shows is a common stereotype. The Ambiguously Gay Duo depicted the lead superheroes as hyper-sexual beings. Yes, we gay men enjoy sex but we’re not all sex-crazed. And if you’re going to depict us, gay men, as overly sexual then you should do the same as heterosexual men. If you can depict gay male cartoon characters driving in a penis-shaped automobile then you should also depict heterosexual male characters driving in a vagina-shaped vehicle since many men in general enjoy sex. Sadly, many LGBTQ cartoons of the past and even today have stereotyped LGBTQ characters as one-dimensional heterosexual beings.

Wrap up

There has not been much visibility of the LGBTQ community in past decades. There was only a handful of LGBTQ tv shows and The Ambiguously Gay Duo was one of them. The issue with the show is that it portrayed the characters as one-dimensional sex-crazed individuals. The LGBTQ community is a diverse community consisting of gay furries, transgender, and other types of beautiful individuals.