Do you love brunch? Looking for brunches and other great social experiences?
Look no further.

Men Who Brunch is a lifestyle website and event blog that provides communities with brunches and other social events. The purpose of these events is to provide safe, enjoyable spaces for persons to network and bond.

Our Mission

Men Who Brunch is the social destination for men who enjoy socializing outside the club scene. By engaging all individuals, we can build more inclusive communities.

Meet the Team

Prince Martinez


A native of Brooklyn, New York, Prince Martinez is the founder of Men Who Brunch (MWB). The concept of MWB primarily started from his own internal struggles as a gay man. Having hid in the closet for many years he finally decided to live in his own truth. His desire to bring LGBT persons together and love of brunch motivated him to start Men Who Brunch. His vision for MWB is to build an international community for LGBTQ persons who enjoy brunch and other social activities.

David Julian


David Julian has rocked the food and beverage industry for over 10 years. He has worked with many industry personnel including celebrity Chef Marcus Samuelson from 2014-2017. He is now developing and curating beverage programs around the country. He is thrilled and excited to contribute his skill set to the growth of Men Who Brunch by bringing you quality beverages that are delicious, fresh, and sensible.

Jason Mincey


Jason by profession is a mental health professional by day for a hospital and has newly developed an interest in a nutrition. With a healthy balance of “turn up”and responsibility, Jason makes a good a addition to the team.

Ray Anthony

Brooklyn born and raised Ray Anthony is another addition to the Men Who Brunch team! R.A can be described as one who venerates luxury and delights in intellect. It would be the fusion of these two components that would bring him to Men Who Brunch! As a Senior Human Resource professional Ray’s natural ability to build community and unite people is what inspired him to join the team. R.A. Still resides in his Brooklyn home and when he is not Jett setting across the globe works closely with his community leaders, provides national career development assistance, while always remembering to brunch on Sundays!

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