Netflix Watch Party by Men Who Brunch

Are you trying to remain socially distant and enjoy yourself? There are plenty of Netflix movies to keep you busy and safe. Through Netflix you will get the chance to connect with others through their Neftlix Watch Party.

netflix movies on now

On Friday, March 27th at 9:30pm Men Who Brunch will be hosting a Netflix Watch Party. No, this isn’t a turn up brunch or day party.

So what is a Netflix Watch Party? It’s a way to watch Netflix with your friends online. It’s pretty much a virtual chatroom where you can simultaneously watch a movie. I never even knew about this concept till last week. And actually, I never even watched any movie or show on Netflix till recently. But after being invited to a friend’s Netflix Watch Party I’ve been hooked. Through the party I was able to connect with all types of professionals. I even found an opportunity for a joint collaboration on a brunch.

In order to access a Netflix Watch Party you would have to download a third party app through the Google Chrome internet browser. If it’s your first time using the app it may seem pretty confusing but after the first use you’ll be a pro.

Men Who Brunch will be hosting the Netflix Watch Party tomorrow night at 9:30pm Eastern Central Tim’s. If you haven’t already please send us an email at so that we can save you a slot. There are plenty of great Netflix movies on now so you’ll be satisfied with the movie selection. So know that we got you!!!

Enjoy the rest of your day and please stay safe during this time. Hope to connect with you at the Men Who Brunch Watch Party tomorrow.