Brunch’d Af in Bed 2020- Bottomless Mimosa Brunch

Bottomless mimosa brunch
Courtesy of Chef Jeff

Who hosts the best bottomless mimosa brunch in New York City? There are plenty of names to choose from. One of the most recognized names is Chef Jeff.

Chef Jeff (his actual name is Jeffrey Morneau) is one of the most talented, young chefs in New York City. He’s been catering private and public events for more than 10 years. Throughout his career he’s worked with more than a hundred individuals including A list celebrities like Teyana Taylor and Chef Roble.

On January 26(the day before my birthday, yay) Chef Jeff will be hosting Brunch’d Af in Bed. Brunch’d Af is a themed brunch party series which recently started last year. The last Brunch’d Af brunch took place a few months ago and had a 90’s theme . This upcoming event has an even more creative theme in which attendees are expected to wear sexy pajamas.

So what should you expect at Brunch’d Af in Bed? Finger licking food. The event consists of a menu that includes appetizing entrees such as Chicken and Waffles, Jambalaya Mac and Cheese, French Toast Crunch, and Catfish & Grits. And of course, as with any bottomless mimosa brunch there will be unlimited drink options. For 90 minutes you will have the option to get drunk off of mimosas or sangrias.

Why should you attend Brunch’d Af in Bed? I know Jeff personally and can say that he knows how to cook his butt off. His mac and cheese will make you want to bite your fingers off and lick under your finger nails(I’m just saying). I can also say that Jeff knows how to pull off an event. He’s thrown all types of events including private brunches, night parties, day parties, etc. You name it he’s done. And successfully.

So what’s the drawback? The cost to Brunch’d Af in Bed is $60. That price is a little steeper than your average brunch. Well, if you know Jeff don’t expect average from him. So my suggestion. Save your coin, get yourself a nice pajama outfit (in good taste) and come out to his brunch. Trust me, it will be a food experience you’ll definitely enjoy.

To purchase tickets go to Chef Jeff’s Brunch’d Af in Bed Eventbrite page.