Best Memes of 2019

Social media and the internet is a hot mess. A good mess depending on how you look at. If you need entertainment you can surf yahoo or google and you’ll find funny memes to keep you entertained.

A meme as defined in Lifewire is “a virally-transmitted photograph that his embellished with text that pokes fun at at cultural symbol or social idea”. In plain English terms a meme is a picture with a funny caption. Young, middle aged, or old you have seen plenty memes on your mobile phone or laptop.

Memes are based off social trends like the bottle cap challenge and bird box challenge and major events such as the Presidential election and Academy Awards. Often times, celebrities are used in memes to instantly grab the viewer’s attention. When this happen the meme is bound to become viral. For instance, there was a cat meme involving Taylor Armstrong, one of the cast members of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, after she got into an altercation with another cast member on the show. The cat meme has many variations and is used to throw shade at another person. And from what I’ve been hearing and reading Taylor has not been too fond about the meme. Sorry Taylor, they got you.

I can’t tell you how long memes been around but they have definitely rose in popularity over the years.

Listed below are some of the best memes of 2019:

Cat Meme of Real Housewives

one of the best memes of 2019

Spongebob “Imma head out”

“Gonna Tell My Kids”

one of the best memes of 2019

“You can’t sit with us”

21 Savage in the booth

Birdbox challenge

Baby Yoda

Bottle cap challenge

This is just my version of some of the best of memes of 2019. If there are other popular memes from 2019 that I should add please comment below. And remember, be careful how you move on the streets. You may end up the subject of a meme. Enjoy your Sunday 🙂