Day Party in NYC for the Black LGBT and their allies

Looking for a day party in NYC to connect with other gay men of color. Come to Jimmy’s today.

day party in nyc
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I absolutely love going to day parties. As I’ve mentioned time and time again in my other blog posts I really don’t enjoy the nightlife party scene. Often time I get that uneasy feeling when entering a nightclub for a night party. Like entering a small dungeon; there are no lights, you have to be careful where and how you walk(if you’re in the hood you have to be extra cautious), and be wary of creeps creeping in the dark. In my opinion day parties are much more enjoyable. The daytime brings a much warmer atmosphere and you’ll tend to find a more sophisticated and sexier crowd at a day party than a night party.

Today’s brunch day party(brunch and day party combined in one experience) will be hosted by one of New York’s biggest event producers, Frank Watson. He’s hosted many events and parties for the LGBT community including weekly Taco Tuesday parties and Sunday day parties at the Delancey. Whether it’s rain, sleet, or a fair weather his events are often packed out. What I like about his events is that he attracts a crowd of all types of men and attractive gay men. Frank is not bad to look at himself.

Frank’s brunch party will take place at Jimmy’s which is close to Times Square. Normally, brunch happens on the weekend but today is an exception. Brunch is $40 which includes an appetizer, entree, and 2 hours of unlimited mimosas and sangrias. Admission to Frank’s brunch party is free until 6pm and $10 after. Usually, restaurants are hit or miss in terms of traffic on Wednesdays. But I guarantee you it’s going to crowded today at Jimmy’s. If you’re looking for an enjoyable day party in NYC come to Jimmy’s.