12 Sexy Black Gay Men You Should Follow (2019)

Black is beautiful and sexy.

one of many sexy black gay men
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I can still remember some of my crushes in my younger years. These crushes were usually fitness models and were either black or Hispanic(what a weakness of mine). I do have attraction to men of other racial backgrounds and ethnicities. But in my eyes black beauty is incomparable. We are amazingly beautiful, intellectually and physically(in all sizes and shapes).

Below is a list of Instagram profiles of some of the most attractive sexy black men. I created this list because many of us are not highlighted in mass media as other groups of people. Included in this list are celebrities, micro influencers, and average persons.

Sexy Black Gay Men

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Today is #WorldAIDSDay and as a 52 year-old Black gay man, I am grateful to be alive. Most people don’t think about what it means to be #HIV Positive. While it’s not a death sentence like it was for so many gay men who lost their lives to the AIDS epidemic in the ‘80s and ‘90s, it still requires self care, daily meds, regular bloodwork and check-ups, and the courage to overcome stigma and shame still often associated with this disease. I am saddened by the number of Black gay men who are living with HIV — the stats say 1 in 2 will live with the virus in their lifetime. That is not acceptable. We need to stop this pandemic — especially among Millennials and Gen Z. Let’s talk about it. Let’s love ourselves enough to protect our bodies. Let’s change this narrative in our own community. We matter. We are worthy. We are enough. #Love #WorldOfWilbekin #WOW #NativeSon 📷 @whoiswarrenwhite

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Happy Friday! #johnsonthompson4ever 👑

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Santa's little helpers! 🎅🏾💚❤

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Self(ie) love❣️

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Do you know any other sexy black gay men we should follow?  Comment below.