Sunday Brunch at Latin Gay Bar in Queens

brunch in NYC Sunday

Breakfast is for princes and brunch is for kings.

Kings Bar attests to that. The paintings on the walls and the serving of food on steel platters are some key elements of the gay and royal experience at the venue.

Kings Bar is a new gay venue in Jackson Heights, Queens. It is one of the newest brunch spots in Queens. If you love going to brunch in NYC on Sunday then come to this venue.

So there are a few reasons why I enjoyed going to Kings Bar. First, it’s a new gay Latin establishment here in Queens. I love the existing gay bars in NYC but it’s nice to have more gay venues outside of Manhattan. Also, Kings Bar is conveniently located near public transportation. Get off the E train at Roosevelt Avenue and walk a few stops to the venue.

Another good aspect of Kings Bar was the crowd and atmosphere. People were friendly and didn’t have that pretentious attitude you will find in certain gay venues. The bar was full of gay Latin men(my weakness) ranging from age 26 and older.

To add to the brunch experience was a drag performance. There were two drag queens who put on a nice show. My only criticism is how the performers insulted each other. I understand drag comedy can be a little cutthroat but at one point it seemed liked the drag performers became confrontational. Besides that the lip synching and dancing was ok.

The service wasn’t bad. There was a cute bartender who greeted me with an infectious smile as soon as I entered Kings Bar. The venue wasn’t crowded so I was able to place and receive my order in a timely fashion.

So let’s get down to the most important piece. The food. At the recommendation of the bartender I ordered the steak and eggs. I patiently waited. Fifteen minutes later the waiter served the brunch entree with a steel food cover(extra points for that). The steak was seasoned just right and not too flavorful. The fries tasted fresh and was cooked to the right texture.

brunch in NYC Sunday

Overall, the experience at Kings Bar was enjoyable. With this new gay venue going to brunch in NYC on Sunday and Saturday will be more of ritual.