Why Should You Attend Dragcon NYC 2019?

Dragcon nyc
Photo by Santiago Felipe

Get up and drag yourself out of bed. Dragcon NYC is here.

Dragcon NYC is a LGBT convention created by American drag performer, RuPaul. The purpose of the event is to celebrate drag culture hence the name, Dragcon. It started in Los Angeles, California in 2015 and took place in New York City the following year. Last year’s Dragcon in NYC had more than 30,000 attendees and this year a larger crowd is expected to attend. The event takes places in Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan, NY and spans three days.

The concept of Dragcon stems from the hit television show, Rupaul’s Drag Race. For those who never watched Drag Race it’s a reality show in which drag queens compete to be in the Drag Hall of Fame. Drag queens like Bob the Drag Queen and Peppermint have been featured on the television show which has brought them more fame and stardom.

I’ll be honest. Even though I’m gay I was never really fascinated about drag culture. Yes, I was narrow minded and it took me some time to open up my mind towards different LGBT experiences. A few years ago my cousin took me to Therapy and unbeknownst to met it was drag night. I sat at a table with a margarita not knowing what to expect onstage. A man introduces himself as “Bob The Drag Queen” and kindly says to the audience, ” Hello bitches”. For the rest of the night I was in tears and almost paralyzed by uncontrollable laughter.

That night at Therapy helped me to discover and learn about drag culture. And so, I would encourage all persons, gay or straight, to come to Dragcon. Here are other reasons to attend the event:

Multitude of Celebrities

At Dragcon you will find plenty of tv personalities. Famous drag performers, like Chad Michaels and Latrice Royal have appeared at Dragcon. And the icon himself Rupaul has been at the convention. You will also find celebrities outside of the drag industry including Christine Adams(actress in the tv show Black Lightning) and Cooper Andrews(actor in the Walking Dead).

Diversity and Inclusion

Thought out time there have been positive social change for the LGBTQ community. However, there are still limited safe spaces where persons of those community can gather. Dragcon provides that space. You’ll find gay, non-gender conforming, trans persons, and other types of persons within the LGBTQIA spectrum. You can truly be you at this convention. L. There is even a harassment policy which helps to create a safe, excitinh space for all persons. So get your wig or favorite oufit costume. At Dragcon you can truly be you.

Opportunity to learn about the trans community

Trans persons are an invisible segment of mainstream society even within the LGBT community. Many times we hear about them in the news due to a tragedy such as a murder. And the public perception about them is that they are overly sex driven. About two weeks ago I was at work and I heard a co worker say that most ttranswomen have AIDS. This coworker doesn’t know anybody is the trans community but made her comment based off only the stories she heard from other people. By coming to Dragcon and meeting with trtransgender individuals you will be able to learn more about them and who they are.

Cool items and goodies

You will not only see celebrities but will also be to able to shop. There will be plenty of vendors Dragcon including Mike’s Hard Lemonade, GLF Cosmetics, MODA brush, Gallas Cosmetics, and many others.

For the reasons listed above you should attend Dragcon. Gay or straight you will have a gay old time. Tickets are $40 a day. For more information go to https://nyc.rupaulsdragcon.com/