New York City Brunch Party on Sunday for the Gays

new york city sunday brunch
Credit: Instagram/joemorrisevents

Us gays love a good Sunday brunch party. If you’re looking for a New York City Sunday brunch party then consider Joe Morris’ brunch party.

Event producer, Joe Morris, created a weekly brunch party at Cecil in Harlem, NY, NY. The weekly began early this year/late last year.

I’ve been to the brunch party a few times and overall they were great experiences. The brunch drinks are ok. Unlimited mimosas for abou 1.5 hours are about $20. If you get them make sure you are waiting by the bar.

I’ll be honest I never tried the food at The Cecil. Last time I went to the brunch party there was a special menu for the partygoers which included an entree and drinks for about $50. The menu included common brunch entrees like chicken and waffles and steak and eggs. The food selection is small but I haven’t heard any major complaints.

Whenever I go to Joe Morris’ brunch party I purchase drinks. My mind would only be on the day party experience.

I definitely enjoy the music at Joe’s brunch parties. Joe Morris has different popular DJs within the LGBTQ scene play at his party including Poison Ivy, DJ Smoove, and Kenneth Kyrell. The music is tailored towards an urban crowd and consists of hip hop, reggae, and r&b.

What I love most about Joe Morris’ brunch parties is the trendy, gay crowd. You will meet alot of grown and sexy men.. Now, I’ll be honest you will meet some shady ones. Let’s be real, we know how to throw shade. But for the most part the crowd is cool.

Cecil is one of those NY brunch spots that people have enjoyed over the years. Now that Joe Morris throws his Sunday brunch party that the location gives more us more of a reason to go there. Being black and gay I can say that Joe’s brunch parties is one of the best New York City Sunday brunch parties in Harlem.