Black Twitter and the chicken craze

Popeye’s recently introduced their chicken sandwich. And it’s got Black Twitter in a hysteria.

Black Twitter is a network of African American and black individuals connected through a virtual community. These persons are largely on the popular social platform, Twitter.

Black Twitter users have a large social influence. They discuss not only current trends but social issues such as police killings and police brutalities against blacks. There was even a Black Twitter conference organized by the National Association of Black Journalists in February 2016.

The current topic of discussion among Black Twitter users is the Popeye’s chicken sandwich. Sounds crazy, right?

Fried chicken is a stable in the African American community. I myself love fried chicken! If I’m going to a restaurant and I’m not excited about the menu then I’ll choose to eat fried chicken.

Being that I love fried chicken and enjoy eating at Popeye’s(don’t judge me) I was ecstatic about the fast food chain’s new chicken sandwich.

The sandwich was launched on August 12th at all Popeye’s locations. After the launch the restaurant released the following tweet:

Chick-fil-A responded with a shady tweet stating that they have the original sandwich.

The tweet wars ensued between Popeye’s, Chick-fil-A, and Wendy’s which helped to advertise Popeye’s chicken sandwich. But it wasn’t till Black Twitter’s involvement that the sandwich became extremely popular. Black Twitter users have created all types of memes and gifs about the sandwich. This has resulted in mass hysteria. This craze is sort of like the episode in “The Boondocks” where Huey and his grandfather goes to Kernel’s Fried Chicken restaurant and find out that there is no more chicken. As a result, riots break out and one customer even crashes his car through the restaurant.

Similarly, around the country physical disputes have taken place in Popeye’s restaurants over the chicken sandwich. Is it worth it? Nah.

The sandwich is pretty good though. I chose the spicy one with no mayonnaise(I absolutely hate it). The fried chicken had a nice crisp and was seasoned just right. The brioche bun was soft and the two pickles on the chicken gave the sandwich a little kick.

Would I go back again to purchase the sandwich? Maybe. If I have to wait on a long line or deal with angry customers count me out. It’s just a sandwich at the end of the day.