NYC Black Pride Weekend Guide 2019


Grab your favorite crop top or fishnet. NYC Black Pride Weekend is here.

Throughout the years I’ve spent much less time partying and going to clubs. Now that I’m 33 I don’t really get much excitement about being in the social scene. But I definitely will turn up for black gay pride, especially here in NYC.

NYC Black Pride Guide Weekend

  • Food and Restaurants
  • Parties and Entertainment
  • Stay Safe

Black gay pride aka Black Pride as stated by the Center for Black Equity, is a safe space for the black LGBT community to come together. There are numerous black gay pride celebrations held in different cities throughout the country and overseas. I’ve been to black gay prides in DC, Philadelphia, and other major cities. Each pride celebration is across different cities. One of the most enjoyable black gay pride celebrations has been here in New York City.

Why Should You Attend Black Pride in NYC?

NYC Black Pride is a celebration for the gay African American community. It was founded in June 1997 by James Saunders and other prominent LGBT leaders. Since its inception thousands of persons from all over have traveled to New York for NYC Black Pride. It’s a time of laughs, cries, learning, and sexual exploration.

One aspect of New York City Black Pride is the opportunity to connect with many other gay men of color. Being gay and black was a lonely experience. It’s wasn’t till my early adulthood years that I felt comfortable enough to seek out and forge connections with other black gay men. During New York City Black Pride I was able to meet other gay men of Africcan descent that looked, talked, and had swag like me. Never in my life did I see so many black gay men in one space at one time. What I refreshing feeling it was!!

Another great aspect of NYC Pride is the selection of gay men you will find. New York City is a diverse city and so during NYC Black Pride you will literally find gay black men but ALL othe types of gay men sprawled throughout the city; black, white, spanish, slim, thick, nerdy, and sophisticated. There is no need for Grindr, Chappy, or any other dating apps.

Food and Restaurants

If you’re traveling from a different city this weekend you’ll come to love the city for many reasons. Besides the opportunity to network the food options are endless. Here are my recommendations of places to grab delicious food during this weekend.

Amarachi Lounge

If you’re in Brooklyn you should stop by Amarachi Lounge. It’s a restaurant that serves a mix of Caribbean and African cuisine. I’ve been here plenty of times and love the vibes. The restaurant serves breakfast which is much cheaper for brunch. Brunch, though, serves a nice selection of food including chicken & waffles and shrimp & grits. As an alternative to unlimited mimosa Amarachi serves mimosa and rum pitchers. Come here for brunch and try out the Hennessy mimosa. Sounds nasty but it’s actually good.


Another favorite restaurant of mine I’ll recommend is Soco. This is one of the most popular food spot in Brooklyn. The place gets fully packed on the weekend, especially during the brunch. If you come here try the chicken and red velvet waffles. They are to die for!

Sugar Freak

If you happen to be in Queens come eat at Sugar Freak. The restaurant is known for it’s seafood and has a New Orleans vibe. It gets packed(till about capacity) so be prepared to wait if you come with a group. The menu includes an interesting selection of food and drinks including oyster shoots(yum) and The calamari is definitely on point!!!! I’ve been here for brunch twice and would recommend the crab benedict.

Industry Kitchen

Industry Kitchen is another one of my favorite restaurants (Ok, I have many favorites since I love to eat but that’s besides the point). The pizzas are so good, especially the Bianaca!!!! If you come here for brunch try out the breakfast pizza. The restaurant is located in South Street Pier which is in NYC’s financial district. This spot is very relaxed and is nice for a cute brunch date.

Lindenwood Diner

If you’re looking for cheap and delicious food come to Lindenwood Diner. This place gets packed even during and after midnight. The Brooklyn location is known for their crab legs. I’ve been here before and could say that the food is good and worth the trip to Brooklyn.

Parties and Entertainment

Besides networking aspect and places to eat there is a wide array of entertainment during New York Black Pride. Dozens of parties take place during the day and night at different venues in different parts of the city. Here are some of the hottest parties to check out:

Saturday, August 17th

Black Pride NYC Boat Ride by James Saunders and Sharon Toney

nyc black pride event
facebook: Sharon Toney

Do you like mini cruises(get your mind out of the gutter)? If so, then you should attend the Black Ride NYC Boat ride event. There will be 3 djs on the ship so expect a variety of music including house, r&b, and hip hop.

The Heritage Ball V by Lee Souja, Michael Ebony, and Michale Maison Margiela

nyc black pride event
facebook: NYC Center for Black Pride

The tv series Pose has given the world a glimpse of ballroom culture. You can be apart of that experience at “The Heritage Ball V”. This is an annual event founded by Lee Soulja. Watching the ballroom dancers on tv is one thing but seeing it in person is amazing. Even if you don’t belong to the LGBT community this is an event you don’t want to miss this weekend.

NYC Black Pride 2019 by World Pride NY, Atl Black Pride, Liberation DC, and Dream Team International

nyc black pride event
instagram: liberationdc_

With more than 3 companies promoting this event it’s guaranteed to be an exciting party! The event will take place at NYC’s most popular venue, Chelsea Music Hall. Admission is free all night which is a plus.

Freaknik by Eventbrice

nyc black pride event
instagram: eventbrice

Freaknik is originally a southern event which brought thousands of people from all over the county to Atlanta. Eventbrice took a spin on this concept and brought this event to NYC at an upscale venue. Brice knows how to bring a crowd out so, especially trade, so expect a packed event. I’m not really a fans of strippers but at Brice’s parties the strippers know how to put on a good show.

One night stand by Seandon and Richstar

nyc black pride event
instagram: richstarnyc

Two of NYC’s biggest promoters, Sean & John and Richstar, will be having a night party tonight at Hudson Terrance. There will be LGBT influencers at this party including media personality Dustin Ross and others. If you want to be in the mix come to this event. Admission is free before 12 so get here early.

Unity by Calvin Clark, Tyson Events, KK Partys, and Showtyme Ent

nyc black pride event

Who remembers the Octagon and Warehouse? If you do you will be excited about this event. The Unity event will be reminiscent of the black lgbt parties back in the 2000s and prior. Get ready to dance to house music all night long!

Sunday, August 18th

Afterhours by Richstar and Yamilx

nyc black pride event
Instagram: yamilx

This is the perfect name for this event. It takes place from 4am until sunrise. This is not the party for the prude type. Remember, what happens on the patio stays on the patio.

Midnight Brunch Party by Joe Morris Events and Hassan & Mike Events

nyc black pride event
instagram: hassan_mike_events

What’s the best part of the weekend? Time to relax, and brunch of course!! The Midnight Brunch Party at Cecil provides that experience. Joe Morris and Hassan & Mike usually start their weekly Sunday brunch party around 12 noon but this week it will occur from 6pm to 12am. What I love about their brunch parties is the trendy crowd. If you like being around trendsetters and socialites come out to the Midnight Brunch Party. Best part, no cover!

Mix up Sunday: Caribbean fever cookout by Showtyme Ent

nyc black pride event
Instagram: djsmoov3_nyc

There are other places to party outside of Manhattan. Showtime Ent will be having their Sunday weekly day party in Brooklyn at Kinam lounge. I know one of the Djs, DJ Smoove, and can say that he knows how to get people on the dance floor. The event is only $10 before 6pm and free for Leos.

Blow: The Jamaican Skin Out Edition by Exec Eventz

instagram: execeventz

If you’re a fan of reggae/dancehall music you will definitely enjoy this event. I’ve been to a party by the Event Exec and enjoyed it. The crowd was fashionable and the venue was chic. Expect the same this weekend.

Thank God It’s Sunday: All Black Affair by Sean Don and Max Damian

instagram: seandonevents

End your weekend at “Thank God It’s Sunday”. This party occurs every Sunday and draws a mix crowd of blacks, hispanics, and whites. DJ Poison Ivy and DJ MK will be on the 1’s and 2’s so expect a great selection of music to dance to. What’s special about this weekend is that the party will have an all-black theme. Admission is $5 so you won’t breaking the bank.

Stay Safe

During social events we all expect to have a good time. We should still be cautious when we are going out. Here’s some ways to protect yourself.

  1. Drink to a minimum– It’s ok to have a few drinks but once you feel you are going pass your limit, stop. I love drinking Hennessy but after a couple of drinks I know what it can do to me.
  2. Stay hydrated. There will be alot of attendees at the pride events so places will be packed and hot. Drink lots of water throughout the day and night.
  3. Don’t drive. New York City has one of the best subway/busy systems in the country if not the best. If you don’t like to travel by public transportation system you have ride-sharing options like Uber and Lyft.
  4. Practice safe sex. The black gay community has one of the highest rates of HIV/AIDs. And so it’s important that we always take the necessary steps to protect ourselves sexually. The Ryan Health Center provides valuable information about safe sex practices so check them out.
  5. Avoid random hookups. I had my fair share of hookups back in the day. In hindsight I’ve almost put myself in dangerous situations. If you meet a cutie at the club and he wants to go home with you reject that offer.
  6. Be aware of your surroundings. You’ll meet lot of friendly people at thel black gay New York events. But you still can’t trust everybody. Don’t leave your drink unattended.

Listed above are black gay nyc events . However, whether you’re gay or straight you’ll have an enjoyable time at NYC Black Pride. It’s one of those unique Black Pride celebrations that you have to experience.

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