Sunday Brunch in NYC- Pride Edition

Sunday brunch is a popular meal experience in New York City. It’s a time to eat, drink and socialize.

Evolution of brunch

Brunch is a meal experience that takes place between breakfast and lunch. Hence, the name brunch. It started back in England and later became a custom in the United States.

Brunch is extremely popular, especially here in New York City. Brunch usually takes place on the weekend. During brunch myself and other persons are able to destress. Many New York citizens who work who a 9-5 can say that the work week is usually stressful. Much of our time are spent at work than anywhere else. So when we can get time we either like to relax our socialize. Brunch provides an opportunity for persons to sit and talk with friends or family while enjoying a meal and drink.

Brunch is so popular that it’s evolved from a meal to a festive experience. Angel of Harlem and Mamajuana Cafe and many other restaurants in NYC provides entertainment during Sunday brunch including music and DJs. I love going to Angel of Harlem. The food is ok but the music, drinks, and cute crowd makes it a worthwhile brunch experience.

Sunday Brunch During Pride month

As I mentioned earlier brunch in NYC is very festive. And us gays have made it even much festive.

Many parties and events will be taking place during Pride Month. And you know, since World Pride will be here in the city NYC will be the place to be during Pride Month. And so, I arranged of list of Sunday brunches catered to the LGBT community. See below:

Pride Luminaries Brunch at Magic Hour

Every year Heritage of Pride, the organization that produces the LGBTQIA events in June, organizes a brunch during NY Pride Weekend. The purpose of the brunch is to bring the gay community together and to honor influential LGBTQ persons in the community. This year the brunch will be held at Magic Hour. I’ve been to Magic Hour and the food is ok. The ambience makes it experience pleasing; the venue has a carnival feel to it. For Luminaries Brunch, the price is about $85 which is kind of steep. However, it will be worthwhile since you’ll be around the movers and shakers in the LGBT community.

Sunday Boozy Brunch at Lips

Sunday brunch for the LGBTQ community
credit: facebook/lipsnyc

Sunday brunch at Lips is rated that #1 drag brunch in NYC. And it does deserve that title. I remember year ago a Delta friend invited me to her birthday gathering to the restaurant. To be honest I wasn’t too food of watching drags perform. Obviously now, my mindset has changed and now I could truly admire the works of drag queens. If you never been to Lips you need to check it off your bucket list.

Drag Brunch at Lenox Saphire Harlem

Sunday brunch during gay pride
credit: facebook/harlem2020

Another drag brunch you should attend. This is special event that will take place on Saturday, June 22nd in Harlem. Entertainer Harmonica Sunbeam will be the main performer at the event. She’s an amazing performer so if you’ve never seen her performer this is the time to do so.

For the Culture: The Brunch Beach Party at Cecil

Credit: instagram/joemorrisevents

I’ve been to brunch parties by Joe Morris Events and Hassan & Mike and always enjoyed myself. They know to bring out the masses and some good looking people. Recently, they collaborated on monthly brunch party at Cecil in Harlem, NY. I’ve been to this spot a couple of times which has a cute, elegant ambiance. The good thing about the Brunch Beach Party is that the event is free unless you decide to eat and drink. If you looking for attractive men on a Sunday afternoon come to this event.