10 Fitness Models You Should Follow (2019)

Fitness models  will make this a hot boys summer.

one of the fitness models you should follow
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What is Fitness Modeling?

Fitness modeling is an industry for professionals who commit to being physically fit. In an article “How to Get Started as a Fitness Model” by Vanessa Helmer she notes that these models needs to be toned but doesn’t have to be extremely muscular(the ones that look like the Incredible Hulk). These persons follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

Fitness Diet

We all know that in order to stay fit you must eat right. One important part of your diet should be protein. Protein is what helps build the muscles. This is something my martial arts instructor taught me. Just like me used to weigh about 130 lbs. However, he was able to build muscle mass through a high quality protein diet. This diet includes egg whites, red meat, protein supplements, and energy drinks like Ensure.

If you’re trying to lose weight cut back on calories. Be careful not to eat too much sugary, fatty foods. This includes consuming alcohol. Yes, we can go out for unlimited mimosas and heavy brunch from time to time. But like with anything else fatty food and alcohol intake should be done in moderation.

Activity and Exercise

Exercise is another big part of being fit. There are three main types of exercises: aerobics, yoga, and body building.

Think of aerobics as the introduction to your fitness journey. When I used to run track my team mates did a lot of these exercises. This including running, jumping rope, and climbing stairs(oh, I hated doing that). A good recommendation for people who is starting to exercise is to walk. You can start off gradual walking about 3-4 times a week for a stroll. Once you feel more comfortable you can walk more times a week at longer intervals.

While aerobics helps build muscles yoga stretches the muscles. I’ve done yoga before and it’s actually fun. It helps you become more flexible and keeps your muscles tight and fit. Definitely a plus, in and out the bedroom.

Body building is another core step to getting fit. This includes pushups, deadlifts, weight lifting, and curls. My martial arts instructor and other fitness gurus have recommended that doing exercises without machines can drastically increase your internal strength and build muscle. Weight lifting helps to build external strength.

Places to exercise

There are several places that you can exercise. The infamous place: the GYM. Most people get scared when they hear that word. If you’re out of shape(I’m trying to be politically correct) you may get self-conscious seeing fit people working out. Trust me, they may have been in the same position as you or worse. At the gym you can enroll in exercise classes, work out on your own, or meet with a personal training. I normally exercise at my karate dojo which is a great space.

If you don’t feel comfortable going to the gym or just unable to go then another option is exercising at home. At home you can use your own machines, don’t have to deal with crowds, and can use all the space you want.

Fitness Models who stay fit

There are plenty ways to get fit. If you need some pointers these are some of the fitness models that you should follow:

1. Steven Beck

Steven Beck is a renowned fitness entrepreneur from Phoenix, Arizona. Steven took an interest in fitness as early as his teenage years. Around 2012 Steven earned his certification in sports medicine and nutrition and trained many notable figures including celebrities like Gabrielle Union. You can catch him on the Lifetime series, Vivica’s Black Magic.

2. Steven Laureus

Steven Laureus aka “Mr. Propahhh” is a true inspiration for aspiring models. Steven had a much smaller stature and size before body building. On his way home from school one day he seen a Muscular Development magazine. This observation began his fitness journey. Along the way he’s undergone major obstacles including a partial lung loss and a serious blood clot. Still, though he’s continued to strive in his career including competing at Musclemania, a worldwide fitness and bodybuilding competition.

3. Ramses Principe

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Ramses Principe is another fitness another trainer making gains, literally and figuratively. A graduate of Barry University Ramses has made major moves in the fitness industry including forming his own brand, Mia Fitness.

4. Joseph David

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Joseph David is a group fitness instructor based in New Jersey. His fitness classes are intense but entertaining. Not only can you workout but also “twerk out”. If you are in NY/NJ you definitely have to go to one of his classes.

5. Pedro Marinho

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Pedro Marinho is a Brazilian model. He is most recognized for winning the Mister Alagoas pageant in 2015.

6. Robert Gonzalez

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You know what’s sexy? Authenticity. Those who have the strength and courage to be true to themselves – To be who they really are. Those who are honest, vulnerable, unique, intimate, bold and real. Those who are bold enough to share a piece of themselves. The artists, the musicians, the authors, the poets, the creators, the rebels, the givers and the lovers of the world. Those who approach life with sincerity, openness and veracity. Those who send a daring and dazzling message of “I am who I am” and in doing so, give others the permission to do the same. So, here’s to the authentic souls who do not stand back from revealing their true selves. Keep shining, Gorgeous souls. Your authenticity is sexy. 💪🏽

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Age is nothing but a number. Robert Gonzalez attests to this. When Robert is not modeling he is planning events and making floral arrangements. During the course of his career he’s worked with many celebrities including Oprah Winfrey.

7. Pierre Vuala

If you trying to get that body right, follow this guy. Pierre Vuala is a Haitian American based in NYC. He is a personal trainer and founder of B3 Body Goals.

8. Daniel Gonzalez

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Check out this hot model from Miami. Daniel not only has good looks but a sense of humor to match it. He is the founder of the athletic clothing line, Odyssey Fit.

9. Jonathan Martinez

This model makes the “Martinez” name look good. Jonathan Martinez is a trainer based in New York City. His workouts through boxing was an introduction to his fitness lifestyle. Check out his website, at jmartinezfit.com. FYI Jonathan, I want to see you in the ring one of these days. Give me some time, lol.

10. Aaron Alexander Perry

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Aaron Alexander Perry’s fitness journey is another interesting story to to be told. As a young child Aaron was labeled the “Fat kid” and constantly bullied from elementary school till middle school. In high school he made a transition and began to become fit. Aaron is now a fitness coach who also models and acts.