DC Black Pride 2019 Event Guide

dc black pride
Photo by Ward Morrison

DC Black Pride 2019 is here. Get ready for the time of your life.

I enjoy going out to Black Pride festivals. Each festival is a culmination of events that includes workshops, happy hours, and parties. I love Philly Black Pride but my absolute favorite is DC Black Pride.

DC Black Pride Guide

  • Food and Restaurants
  • Parties and Entertainment
  • Stay Safe

Why Should You Attend DC Black Pride?

DC Black Pride (DCP) is the ultimate celebration for the gay community. DCBP literally attracts tens of thousands of gay men and their allies from all over the United States. One aspect of DCCP is the ability to network so many other persons. When I went to DCBP in 2017 I met dozens of men in just one weekend. I met party promoters, club owners, business men, and other influential men in the gay community. Not only was I able to network but I’ve established friendships with individuals who I still keep in contact with today.What I like most about DCBP is the types of gay men you’ll find. You will find ALL types of men at DCBP. And I mean all!!!! I remember going to a hotel party hosted by Lil Kim and I almost got lost going through the crowd. There were thousands of men scattered about: tall guys, dark guys, thick skinned guys, sophisticated guys. Whatever type of guy you like you’ll easily find that type at DCBP.

What to Expect at DC Black Pride

Besides the networking aspect DCBP provides good entertainment. Just about every black gay promoter in DC throws several parties during that weekend. Stay hydrated because it will get back in the clubs and lounges. At many of these parties you will a slew of celebrities. Tank, Tierra Marie, Christoper Milan, and dozens of other popular artists have been at DCBP. I definitely would like to see Teyana Taylor.

Food and Restaurants

In DC there are plenty of places to dine at in DC. Here are two of my favorite places:

Caroline’s Kitchen

Carolina’s Kitchen is a soul food spot in DC. It’s a about a 15-30 minute drive from downtown DC. This spot reminds of Amy Ruth in New York. The food is amazing. I had smothered pork chops when I came here and wiped the plate clean. My fraternity brother brought me here a few years ago and I feel in love with this place. The ambiance is cute and the waiters are dressed in black and gold. Expect to spend at least $25 for food and drinks here.

Beacon Bar & Grill

This spot is conveniently located in downtown DC. Beacon Bar & Grill has a buffet with almost every type of breakfast/brunch food you can think of: pancakes, waffles, friend chicken, bacon, grits, etc. It can be a little price for brunch but it’s worth it. The best part of the experience is the gay men you’ll encounter during DCBP. I’m telling you the men that will be there are gorgeous!!

How to Stay Safe

DCBP is a celebratory time for the lgbtq community. Downtown DC is safe but still dangerous situations can happen like anywhere else. If you attend Philly Pride you must take safety precautions to prevent other persons from trying to harm, hurt, or rob you, Here are a few tips to be mindful of.

  1. Drink to a minimum- It’s ok to have a few drinks but once you feel you are going pass your limit. Just stop. Excessive drinking impairs judgment and makes it more likely for you to make bad decisions.
  2. Stay hydrated. There will be alot of attendees at the pride events so places will be packed and hot. Drink lots of water throughout the day and night.
  3. Download Uber or Lyft. The city streets gets extremely packed during this time so your best bet is to travel by car or Uber(even on regular days the traffic is pretty bad). Also, parking can cost you a pretty penny.
  4. Practice safe sex. The black gay community has one of the highest rates of HIV/AIDs. Bring condoms and lube with you and wrap it up. Even if you are not sexually active take Prep before going out on a trip like this.
  5. Don’t travel alone. Even if you’re planning to meet with a friend at an event it’s best to travel with a companion in case you get lost and need help getting home.

Parties and Entertainment

Are you looking for places to party? There are dozens of clubs and lounges in DC so you have plenty of options. The party scene My advice to you is to purchase tickets online so you and you won’t have to be waiting on long lines.You have plenty of options. My advice Here’s a list of 20+ events I’ve arranged:


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