Fitness Models You Should Follow

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When we look at fitness models some of us wonder how they get their body to be so fit? Well, today you will get some extra pointers.

What is Fitness Modeling?

Fitness modeling is an industry for professionals who commit to being physically fit. In an article “How to Get Started as a Fitness Model” by Vanessa Helmer she notes that these models needs to be toned but doesn’t have to be extremely muscular(the ones that look like the Incredible Hulk). These persons follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

Fitness Diet

We all know that in order to stay fit you must eat right. One important part of your diet should be protein. Protein is what helps build the muscles. This is something my martial arts instructor taught me. Just like me used to weigh about 130 lbs. However, he was able to build muscle mass through a high quality protein diet. This diet includes egg whites, red meat, protein supplements, and energy drinks like Ensure.

If you’re trying to lose weight cut back on calories.  Be careful not to eat too much sugary, fatty foods.  This includes consuming alcohol.  Yes, we can go out for unlimited mimosas and heavy brunch from time to time.  But like with anything else fatty food and alcohol intake should be done in moderation.

Activity and Exercise

Exercise is another big part of being fit.  There are three main types of exercises: aerobics, yoga, and body building.

Think of aerobics as the introduction to your fitness journey.  When I used to run track my team mates did a lot of these exercises.  This including running, jumping rope, and climbing stairs(oh, I hated doing that).  A good recommendation for people who just is starting to exercise is walking.  You can start off gradual walking about 3-4 times a week for a stroll.  Once you feel more comfortable you can walk more times a week at longer intervals.

While aerobics helps build muscles yoga stretches the muscles.  I’ve done yoga before and it’s actually fun.  It helps you become more flexible and keeps your muscles tight and fit. Definitely a plus, in and out the bedroom.

Body building is another core step to getting fit.  This includes pushups, deadlifts, weight lifting, and curls.  My martial arts instructor and other fitness gurus have recommended that doing exercises without machines can drastically increase your internal strength and build muscle.  Weight lifting helps to build external strength.

Places to exercise

There are several places that you can exercise.  The infamous place: the GYM.    Most people get scared when they hear that word.  If you’re out of shape(I’m trying to be politically correct) you may get self-conscious seeing fit people working out.  Trust me, they may have been in the same position as you or worse.  At the gym you can enroll in exercise classes, work out on your own, or  meet with a personal training.  I normally exercise at my karate dojo which is a great space.

If you don’t feel comfortable going to the gym or just unable to go then another option is exercising at home.  At home you can use your own machines, don’t have to deal with crowds, and can use all the space you want.

Models who stay fit

There are plenty ways to get fit. If you need some pointers these are some of the fitness models that you should follow:

1. Vinayak Patil:

Instagram: @supervinay

fitness model

2. Pedro Marinho

Instagram: pedromarinhoof

fitness model

3. Victor Flores

Instagram: vick504muscle

4. Robert Gonzalez

Instagram: @beingtico

5. Pierre Vuala

Instagram: @pierre_vuala

fitness model

6. Anthony Pecoraro

Instagram: @mranthonypecoraro

7. Steven Beck

Instagram: @thestevenbeck

8. Adrien Laurent

Instagram: adlaurent_fit

9. Steve Laureus

Instagram: @steve.laureus

10. Daniel Gonzalez

Instagram: @danee_bananas

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