Frugal Male Fashion 2019: 5 Affordable Ways to Shop

There are several frugal male fashion tips to look chic and and neat.

frugal male fashion
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Ever since I was young I’ve had an interest in fashion. I wasn’t the flyest one in my class but I still was recognized for my fashion sense. Even when I was broke(which I still am) I was still able to dress well. How was I able to do this? Being frugal.

Frugal male fashion is about looking fashionable without spending alot. Many people have the misconception that in order to dress well you have to be rich or wealthy. That’s far from the truth. You can look like a GQ model even without having to shop at a high end store like Bergdorf Goodman or Saks 5th Avenue. I know this because I know where and how to shop.

I do have a few expensive clothing but most of those items were provided as gifts. Most of the other quality clothing I have were purchased at affordable prices. Here are some affordable ways to shop.

Frugal Male Fashion Tips:

1. Purchase Online

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Call me old fashioned but I love going into stores just to feel and observe the merchandise. But sometimes it’s more cost effective to shop online. is a good website to purchase clothing. I found out about Asos through a friend of mine. It is a good website to purchase clothes. You’ll find shirts as cheap as $8 and the quality is ok.

2. Go to a discount department store

Discount department stores are retailers that sell different brands’ merchandise at a discounted price. For example, if you go walk into a Nike store you normally find Nike sneakers at a full price. However, if you go to a discount department store like Marshall’s or Century 21 Department store those same Nike sneakers may be half that price.

One of my favorite discount stores is Century 21. The stores has a great wardrobe collection of both women and men’s fashion. I could stay in the store for hours and still not want to leave. The franchise has store locations throughout the city including Rego Park, Queens and downtown Brooklyn. One of the best locations to go to is by the 9/11 memorial. You can find some of the most exclusive luxury brands like Louis Vutton and Prada at discounted prices. I seen a Louis Vutton for hundreds of dollars off the original price.

3. Go to an outlets

Frugal Male fashion discounts
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What are the best stores a regular guy can find affordable men’s fashion? At an outlet store

An outlet store sells its merchandise directly to the public. These items are usually sold at a discounted price. In different areas of New York and other places there are outlet malls. An outlet mall is a cluster of outlet stores. One of my favorite outlet malls is Woodbury Commons. Here you’ll find all the affordable essentials you need to dress in style.

4. Go to a sample sale

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If you ever been to a sample sale you already know the discounts are amazing. Samples sales are ways in which retailers get red of old merchandise. This merchandise could be from previous seasons are fairly new. Either way sample sales are ways shopper can get high end items for good prices. For instance, I went to a sample sale bought a pair of Bruno Magli shoes which originally cost $200 for more than 1/2 the price. The only issue with sample sales is that for slim and short guys like myself it’s hard to find clothes of our size; more than often I see clothes for tall guys at sample sales. You can find out about sample sales at

In sum, if you want to head to brunch in the NYC in style take heed to the frugal fashion tips I’ve mentioned.

5. Take advantage of seasonal specials

Many people believe that the best sales and discounts are during Black Friday. That is b.s. Not only that who wants to be out during that time. I’m not going to be trampled on for any piece of clothing.

There are better times to for great clothing discounts. For instance, between Christmas time and the new year alot of retailers sell their clothes at very affordable prices from 20% to as much as 50%. Another time to shop is around spring. A few weeks ago I went to Roosevelt Field mall and their were all sorts of store discounts in Macy’s, H&M, and other clothing stores.