15 gay memes that we enjoy- Brunch Edition

Gay memes provide a good read. Figuratively and literally.

Memes are gifs, videos, and images with bold captions that are meant to make us laugh. As writer Paul G stated, “memes poke fun at a cultural symbol or social idea“. In recent years memes have exploded on the internet. They are written by the general public and can be found on various social media, especially Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. There are plenty of good memes but plenty of bad memes as well. Memes often use celebrity icons like Nene Leakes, Kim Kardashian, and Tyra Banks to quickly grab people’s attention.

There are different types of memes including dark memes, met gala memes, and gay memes.

I find gay memes extremely fun to read. Gay memes are geared towards the gay community. Many of us gays can be very expressive in our words and thoughts which allows us to create so we create our memes are usually over the top. These memes cover all types of topics from same sex marriage, gay culture, etc. Since brunch is a popular activity in the LGBT community I’ve arranged a list of gay memes centered around brunch. Here is the list:

1. Beyonce walk

one of the popular gay memes

Explanation: In the queer and lesbian community brunch is not only a time to eat and drink but also a time to make a fashion statement.

2. Rihanna gaze

one of the popular gay memes

Explanation: A lot of gay men are attracted to straight acting and masculine men which are commonly referred to as trade.

3. Cardi B gesture

one of the popular gay memes

Explanation: Even if you have a high tolerance for alcohol after drinking a certain amount of mimosas you may start to become light headed.

4. Gay agenda

one of the popular gay memes
credit: imgur.com

Explanation: It’s a stereotype for us gays to perform certain activities throughout the week especially having brunch on Sunday.

5. Greeting

One of the popular gay memes

Explanation: I remember a few years ago I referred to one of my gay friends as “bro”. He did not like that greeting at all! Many of us have certain terminologies to greet another fellow gay brother.

6. Social media snooping

One of the popular gay memes
Credit: sluttypuffin/instagram

Explanation: We love going through others’ Instagram profiles and getting all their tea.

7. Excitement about brunch

credit: mimosascabaret/instagram

Explanation: As stereotypical as it may seem us gays love going out for brunch.

8. Too many mimosas

Credit: polishednailsbybrittney/instagram

Explanation: As I mentioned earlier drinking too many mimosas can actually get you drink.

9. Come as you are

Credit: humor_me_pink/instagram

Explanation: Some of us love to come to brunch chilled and relax without being the center of attention.

10. Too hungover

credit: drinksforgays/instagram

Explanation: Sometimes a hangover from Saturday night will get the best of us.

11. Unlimited mimosas special

credit: gentlemenpod/instagram

Explanation: People love to take advantage of the unlimited mimosa special during brunch.

12. Recovering from a hangover

credit: pettyinparis/instagram

Explanation: Some of us can restore ourselves back to normal after recovering from a hangover.

13. Exaggerated greeting

credit: quickememe.com

Explanation: Sometimes the straights try to force a greeting when meeting other gays. The intention may be since but sometimes it can come off awkward.

14. Twerk Competition

Explanation: We can be very competitive, especially on the dance floor. Some of us love to twerk and if you’re not doing it right we will correct you on the spot.

15.  Broke but still hanging out

Explanation: The title says it all.  There are times when us gays(straights as well) love to go out and brunch even when we have limited funds.

As you can see brunch in the lgbt community makes for funny memes.  There are tons more hilarious gay memes all over the web and you can even customize your own.