Beyonce Songs We Love To Listen To

Beyonce songs are like magic to the ears. Hail to the Queen.

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Just about every person I know enjoy listening to Beyonce. From her membership(leadership, actually) in Destiny’s Child to her presence as a solo artist she has always captivated her audience. In the music industry many artists have produced hits which spanned a short period of time. But the Queen has not lost her reign. Beyonce’s list of songs predates to 2003. Her most recent album is Homecoming which all the Beyhive fans have been talking about.

Rise of Beyonce

Beyonce aka Queen Bey started performing at the young age of seven years old. She later teamed up with her cousin, Kelly Rowland, and classmates, Letoya Luckett and Latavia Roberson to form Destiny’s Child. The group was one of the most popular female R&B groups of the 1990s. I remember watching BET and secretly trying to emulate the groups’ dances and lyrics. They recorded many hits including, “Bills, Bills, Bills”, “Say My Name”, and “Cater To You”. It wasn’t till 2001 Beyonce began to pursue her solo career.

I’ve always liked Kelly better than Beyonce. I wasn’t too much of a fan of Beyonce until she released her first album, Dangerously In Love. One of the hits from the album is “Crazy in Love”. The overall album was slow but “Crazy in Love” had high energy. And let me tell you, it pulled the gay out of me. In the music video Beyonce strutted the fiercest walk. From that point on I knew she would be loved among the LGBT community.

Growth of the Beyhive

After Dangerously In Love Beyonce recorded several other albums all of which were dope. As I mentioned earlier I like Kelly more than Beyonce but I can’t deny her talent. My favorite of hers is 4. The album has a very cheery mood. There are many party songs including Party and Love on Top. It was after 4 that the Beyhive formed.

What is the Beyhive? No, it’s not a cult. The Beyhive is a fanbase of Beyonce fans. Just like rock stars and rappers have groupies Beyonce has Beyhive fans. My favorite artists are Nas and Coldplay so I won’t consider myself a full Beyhive fan. But like her other dedicated fans I track all her upcoming shows and music.

Beyonce’s Surprise Albums

After 4 Beyonce continued to shake up the Beyhive and the rest of the world. When she released her self titled album, Beyonce, she had pretty much the whole gay population trying to download her the album.  This album was different from her previous albums in that Beyonce was dark and very sexual.  For instance, in “Drunk in Love” she talks about drinking watermelon which is really about drinking semen.  This definitely is a turn on for me!

What surprised me about the album is that there was no promotion or marketing for the album.  Yet, it still was at the top of the billboard charts.  Not many artists have that type of influence.  I like Kelly Rowland but doubt she can match those efforts. Real talk.

Lemonade was another Beyonce album released unexpectedly. I loved this album. It showed the inner thug of Beyonce.

I remember a week after the album dropped my fraternity brother’s wife played the visual album during a happy hour. Pretty much all of my frat brothers initially complained about watching the video. No amount of liquor would convince them to watch the video. But 15 minutes in they got hooked.

Homecoming Album

Homecoming is Beyonce’s most recent album. This is a live album that was released after the “Homecoming” documentary. Honestly, I’m not a fan of live albums. But I do enjoy Homecoming. There are about 40 songs on the album many of which are her old hits that are on my playlist. I especially enjoy her new single, “Before I Let Go”, which has a dance challenge.

Beyonce on Stage

Beyonce not only produces great albums but also delivers great performances.  I remember my first time seeing her in concert in Philadelphia, Pa during the Formation World Tour.  Her concert was the best concert I’ve been to.  During each song the dancers were in sync, the dances were creative and sexy, and the stage effects like pseudo river puddles were mesmerizing.  The best part of her stage performance was her charisma.  Some celebrities project an air of arrogance but Beyonce does an amazing job with connecting her audience with an air of humility.  Beyonce is such a dynamic stage performer that she even became the first black woman to headline Coachella, a 2 day annual festival that features artists from a variety of genres.

Beyonce’s hit list

If you’re a music lover there’s at least one Beyonce song on your music playlist. She crosses almost every genre in existence. From “Single Ladies” to “Love on “Love on Top” she knows how to that you truly Here are some of the most popular Beyonce songs of her career.



This song describes a woman scorned by love. Fortunately, she learns to love again as she meets an angelic man. This song is definitely relatable to every single man and woman. We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve ben hurt.


This song speaks to the heart of a strong independent woman. Beyonce lets her fans know that they should not settle for any man(or woman). Even though the song does send a strong message it’s still playful and catchy.

Drunk in Love

“Drunk in Love” was a duo between Beyonce and Jayz. Beyonce definitely shows out in this song. There was alot of very sexual innuendos including drinking watermelon. If you’re a sex freak you definitely would love his song.

Single Ladies

You can go to any place in this world and people will know this song. You’ll hear this song on every brunch party playlist and at every nightclub event. This song is dedicated to all the single independent women. What made this song even more popular is the “Single Ladies” dance. If you’re on the dance floor clear the dance floor.

Love on top

This is definitely one of my favorite Beyonce songs. I love happy love songs like this. You can hear the cheerfulness by the lyrics and melody. This song reminds us that love still exits and that each and every one of us is destined to meet that special someone.


Beyonce took us back to her hometown with “Formation”. “I got hot sauce in my bag swag” is an unforgettable line in that song. This song was definitely popular among the LGBT population(just like many other Beyonce songs). Throughout the song Beyonce says that she slay which means to make a lasting impression.

If I were a boy

“If I were a boy” puts a woman in a man’s shoes. Beyonce speaks to the woman fed up with the double standards men impose. This song envisions men treating their partners better and actually trying understand the feelings of a woman.

Run the World

This is another Beyonce song that is extremely popular among the gay community. The dance to this song is insane!!!! I remember having a conversation with my ex and he said that “Run the World” is actually referring to the gays running the world(not women). Still trying to figure out that interpretation today.


“Sorry” is a very sassy song. It’s one of the hits from Beyonce’s “Lemonade” album. This song was an instant hit when it was released. It describes the marriage infidelities Beyonce faced while she was married to Jayz.