5 Affordable Brunch Cocktails You Can Have at Home

orange liquid filled champagne flute on brown surface
Photo by Sabel Blanco on Pexels.com
I absolutely love going out for brunch. Nothing is better than drinking a light brunch cocktail. However, consuming alcohol at brunch can get a little bit pricey, especially here in New York City.
The brunch experience can be very enjoyable. It gives you the opportunity to be outdoors and socialize with friends. However, if I’m trying to save some coin I rather just stay indoors; we’ve all had those experiences at brunch where the actual cost of the bill was much more than anticipated. Yikes!!! If you brunch at home you won’t spend an excessive amount of money and won’t have to worry about long lines, loud music, or people rubbing against your elbow as you eat.
You don’t want to put a dent in your account? Rather than going out for brunch you should host a brunch instead. That $30 unlimited mimosa special(plus tax and gratuity) could be used to buy a variety of alcoholic beverages for you and your friends.
Here are a few brunch cocktails you can have at home:

Beer Please!

A 6-pack from your favorite craft brewery adds a unique pop to the
party. I like Sugar Hill Ale from Harlem Brewing Company, which
happens to be black Owned. Having a beer with someone is a great way
to achieve casual conversation…try it!


My pick: Sugar Hill Ale

Romantic Brunch for Two

Brunching with bae? Grab two flutes and a chilled bottle of your

favorite sparkling rosè. I always like to pick up some chocolate truffles just for a little
extra sweetness. You’ll be glad you did.

My pick: Domaine Carneros Brut Rose

Bottomless Mimosa Baby

Every standard 750ml bottle will pour about 5 mimosas. So keep that in
mind when deciding how much you’ll need to buy to keep the drinks
flowing. I also love to get a second juice option for those who
aren’t crazy about orange juice. Guava and passion fruit flavored juices are my go-to mixtures.
My pick: Freixenet Cordon Negro

Sangria Pleassseeeeeee

Easy Peezy my love! You can achieve a simple sangria with just three
ingredients: wine, a spirit of your choice, and a really delicious
juice. If you want to make it more unique, you can add some lemon and
honey. Aim for 100% juice and pick up some fresh fruit to turn up the
fun! Here are some recipes: sauvignon blanc, tequila, and pineapple juice; shiraz, cognac, and orange juice; pinot grigio, coconut rum, and apple cider

My pick: Creation Sauvignon Blanc

No Work Tomorrow!

If you’re hosting and want to impress your guests with your swaggy
bartending skills, margaritas are one of the easiest ways to keep
everyone happy! Two ounces of tequila, one ounce of lime juice, and one
ounce of agave shaken together in a cocktail tin with ice will make
you a delicious margarita that your guests will love. Grab a few
limes for ganishes!
My pick: El Jimador! A standard 750ml bottle will cost you $15-$19.
Always keep it cute while handling alcohol, and take notes of what
your guests enjoy for your next event. If it’s in your budget, you
could hire a bartender for your brunch cocktails. Happy Brunchin!!!