Gay Party Spots in NYC You Should Attend

LGBTQ party at a gay bar

If you’ve live or have ever lived in New York you know that the gay party scene provides good entertainment.

NYC Gay Party scene

NYC nightlife for the gay community has also evolved. In his article, “History of New York’s Gay Nightlife”, Jeff Forzoco stated that there were “cruise dance floors, dark leather bars, and bathhouses” where LGBTQ persons would frequent. Gay dance clubs and bars like Charlie’s, Octagon, and Paradise Garage were popular venues where the queer community would gather and socialize. The LGBTQ nightlife scene was most popular during the disco era which lasted from the 19702 to the 1980s. However, the HIV/AIDs epidemic wiped out a big portion of the gay community and number of club-goes and bar patrons drastically decreased. Still, LGBT persons continued socializing and partying in NYC.

Even after the tragic event at Pulse nightclub the gay community continued to gravitate towards the nightlife scene. Writer, Whitney Whei, emphasized the fact that gay dance clubs and lounges are the safest spaces where lgbt persons can come together. They could dance, cross dress, and wave the rainbow flag without feeling discriminated or fear of violence.

LGBT persons of the older generation argue that gay nightlife is dying. Grindr, Jack’d and other social media apps make it easy for gay men to connect without having to leave their home. Back then you would often find parties i gayborhoods(neighborhoods concentrated with same sex couples) like Greenwich Village, Hell’s Kitchen or Chelsea.

As homosexuality has become more acceptable more venues and clubs throughout NYC have allowed for inclusive spaces for the queer community. You will even find LGBTQ parties promoting visibility of different ethnic groups including African Americans, Asians, and Latinos(as). Parties like Papi Juice, Bubble T, and Cafe Con Crema are prime examples.

And so, LGBTQ nightlife is not dying anytime soon.

Here’s a list of LGBTQ and LGBTQ-friendly events throughout NYC:

Foot Fetish Night
lgbtq foot fetish party at eagle bar

Whether we admit or not many of us have a certain kink or fetish. Even the church-goers(no judgment). Monday nights at the Eagle allows those foot lovers to indulge in their foot fetishes. Here you would find alot of men in leather, ful, cubs/bears, mature men, daddies, and blue collar types. If you’re not into this fetish you can also go to Eagle during other nights. Twinks, proceed with caution.


Taco Tuesday
LGBTQ happy hour/party
credit: fwatsonevents/instagram

Taco Tuesdays is definitely the wave. Especially at Jimmy’s. Frank Watson recently started his weekly Tuesday events at the popular venue. Many venues and party promoters have already organized Taco Tuesdays. But Frank Watson has made the trend even more popular. His event is a crossover between a happy hour and party. You can buy $2 tacos and $5 margaritas. DJ Poison plays a variety of dance tunes making Taco Tuesday a fun, dance experience.

Go-go Tuesdays

gay bar in Hell's Kitchen for the LGBTQ community

Do you like go-go boys? Posh Bar is in Hell’s Kitchen, a popular destination for the gay community. There are events all throughout the week but Tuesday night is one of the most popular nights. There is a happy hour from 2pm-9pm and a dance party afterward. You would find sexy go-go boys and nice looking gentlemen during that night.

LGBTQ party for people of color
credit: joemorrisevents/instagram

Looking for entertainment on a Wednesday night? Come to “Fluidity”. Event producer, Joe Morris, organized his first Wednesday weekly event at Celon Lounge. Joe Morris has organized successful events during gay pride and other times of the year. The crowd he attracts are usually chic and trendy. So if you want to vibe with the movers/shakers bloggers, fashion influencers and socialites definitely come out to “Fluidity”.

Trappy Hour
black LGBTQ party
credit: trappyhourharlem2/instagram

If you enjoy trap music you will definitely enjoy Trappy Hour. As the name suggests Trappy Hour is a party in which trap music is on constant rotation. The event is organized by Ellie Owe, a popular figure in the black LGBT community. Trappy Hour is geared towards black gay persons but the event draws a mixed crowd. Even though there are many other Thursday night LGBT events throughout the city Trappy Hour stands in its own category. You’ll see people on the dance floor twerking to “Act Up” by City Girls and singing a gospel song the next minute.

Bubble T
lgbtq asian american party
credit: bubble____t

Bubble T is a gay party for Asian Americans. It was founded by Steven Hyunh, Nicholas Anderson, Vivianne Yi, Pedro Vidallon, Paul Tran, and Karl Bueno Bulle based on the need to promote the visibility of gay Asian Americans. Bubble T grown to a space where people can freely express their gender identity and sexual orientation. It truly captures the term lgbtqaip (lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, asexual, intersex, and pansexual). You’ll see party goers dressed in creative outfits, watch entertaining drag queens, and dance to some of best diva tunes. The parties usually takes place in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Mister Noir
credit: maxdamian_dj/instagram

If you’re part of the LGBT community you most likely have heard about Boxers.  This is one of the most popular gay party spots in NYC.   Gay or straight, you most likely heard about Mister Noir, a Friday night party. Mister Noir is held every week in Hell’s Kitchen. There is a variety of tunes played at Mister Noir including hip hop, reggae, pop, and r&b. The crowd draws a mix of jocks, twinks, masculine men, and fems. The best part of the party experience is the sexy bartenders.

Papi Juice
party for queer and trans people of color
credit: papijuicebk/instagram

Do you love house music? If you do, you would love Papi Juice. Papi Juice is a party for queer, non binary, and trans people of color. Just by observation you can tell that party gives an old school vibe. At Papi Juice you would hear house music, see people vogueing, and dance like there’s no tomorrow. Papi Juice is based in one of the best boroughs, Brooklyn.

Social Qs
credit: social_qs/instagram

Queens used to be considered the forgotten borough. Times have changed. The nightlife scene has expanded through Astoria, Corona, and other parts of Queens. Social Qs is another queer space for gays coming out or openly gay. It recently started this year. DJ Worthy, most recognized from Trappy Hour, is the DJ for Social Qs.

Young/Daddy Meat
gay sexy party for those looking for interracial hookups

Just read the title and you would know what goes down (literally) at Young/Daddy.

Sunday Brunch at Cecil

Event producer Joe Morris recently started his monthly brunch/day parties at Cecil.  He’s thrown a bunch of successful events and is one of the biggest influencers in the LGBT community.  If you been to his events and parties you know that he definitely brings the crowd out.  If you’re in the Harlem area on a Sunday you definitely need to go to his brunch/day party.

Brunch/Day Party at Angel of Harlem

This definitely is a enjoyable spot to go on Sundays.  Just about every Sunday this place gets jam packed.  DJ Max spins all the great tunes ranging from various music genres including hip hop, reggae, pop, salsa, and afrobeats.  The crowd is mixed and atmosphere is fun and pleasing.  And oh, there are plenty of cuties that you find at Angel’s of Harlem.

Thank God It's Sunday
credit: maxdamian_dj/instagram

Who says you can’t party on Sundays? Thank God It’s Sunday would give you a reason to. Event producers, Sean & John and Max Damian, are organizers of TGIS. They have produced events during pride festivals and other occasion. At TGIS you would find a urban crowd and hear tunes ranging from hip hop, reggae dancehall, and r&b.

The parties and events listed above are just some of the popular events for the LGBTQ community. If you know of any more leave a comment below.