10 Vegan Restaurants in NYC You Should Go To

Vegan restaurants in NYC provides plentiful menu options for both vegans and vegetarians.

More people are adopting a vegan lifestyle to live healthier lives. According to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Aninals (PETA) a vegan doesn’t consume anything from animals. A vegan only eats plant-based foods which includes vegetables, fruits, and grains. The main benefit of a vegan diet is good physical health. Health professionals like Tracy McQuirter say that a plant based diet reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer, and other ailments. Many athletes who’ve become vegans attritube their career successes to their vegan diet. For instance, former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson stated in an Oprah Winfrey interview, “Once I became a vegan I got the opportunity to live a healthy life.” He mentioned that he lost weight and was able to manage his blood pressure after he became a vegan.

Another advantage of veganism is that it promotes animal welfare. At one point in our lives most of us heard the inhumane methods of meat production. Back in the days cows and other animals were kept in crowded farms, fed little to no food, and lived in unsanitary conditions before being slaughtered. Even though there has been US government reform in the meat packing industry barbaric practices are still used against animals for meat production. Civil rights activist Dick Greggory even noted the horrors of meat production as he became involved in the civil rights movement. He compared the violence against humans to the violence against animals. Fashion designer and author, Joshua Katcher, wrote in his book, Fashion Animals, thatAnimals are what we eat, use for entertainment, and we wear.” And so, by adopting a vegan lifestyle you’re advocating for better ethical treatment of animals.

There are also environmental benefits to veganism. In an article on I Love Vegan it’s mentioned that animals need to consume water in order to produce meat. Consequently, water and other natural resources have been depleted through meat production.

Overall, there are many benefits to adopting a vegan lifestyle. The support for veganism has grown immensely as celebrities like Beyonce and many others have supported the movement. There is even a month, World Vegan Month, dedicated to veganism which is celebrated in November.

It is a struggle to stray away from the carnivorous lifestyle . I cringe when I go out for brunch and see that plate of waffles and crispy, tender fried chicken(non-vegan) placed on top. Then I would have to remind myself that if I want to slay, I should only eat plan-based foods

Below is a list of vegan restaurants in NYC:

Seasoned Vegan

There are many vegan restaurants in NYC but there are few that are black-owned. This restaurant is owned and operated by mother and son, Brenda and Aaron Beener. It is Harlem’s 1st owned full service vegan restaurant! Vegan or not you won’t be disappointed with the soul food selection.

Location: 55 Nicholas Avenue, Harlem, NY, 10026

Veggie Castle

This restaurant is very popular the vegan community. Celebrities like the Russel Simmons, Common, and countless others have eaten at Veggie Castle. The restaurant provides a huge selection of Caribbean, American, and Asian fusion dishes.

Location: 132-09 Liberty Avenue, South Richmond Hill, NY, 11419

Toad Style

This kung-fu themed restaurant provides a nice selection of comforting food. If you’re in Brooklyn you definitely should go to this restaurant.

Location: 93 Ralph Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11221

JaJaJa Plantas Mexicana

This restaurant opened on Cinco de Mayo in 2017 and as the name suggests is rooted in Mexican heritage. If you’re a vegan and enjoy Latin cuisines you should check out this restaurant.

Location: 162 E Broadway, NY, NY, 10002

V Spot

V Spot first opened in 2006 in Park Slope. There is now another location in Manhattan. The menu includes mouth watering foods like Jamaican empanadas and pizza burger burritos.

Location: 156 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11217

Blossom Restaurant

Blossom is one of the top NYC destinations for vegans. The food and drinks are 100% vegan but you’ll find vegan versions of products like “cheese”, “bacon”, etc. This upscale restaurant has two locations in New York.

Location: 187 Ninth Avenue, NY, NY, 10011

by Chloe.

Just taking a quick glance at the menu would have your mouth watering. This restaurant franchise has locations in NYC, Boston, Los Angeles, and other major cities.

Location: 240 Lafayette St, NY, NY, 10012

Bunna Cafe

This Ethiopian restaurant is located in Bushwich and provides its customers with interesting food experiences. You can eat off shared plates which makes it feel like you’re at a feast.

Location: 1084 Flushing Ave, Bk, NY, 11237

Red Bamboo

If you want comfort food you can find it at this restaurant. The prices are decent and the food selection is varied.

Location: 140 W 4th St, NY, NY, 10012

Chai Wali

If you enjoy Indian cuisine you’ll enjoy the food at Chai Wali. Located in Harlem this restaurant promotes tea culture through chai and food.

Location: 274 Lenox Ave, NY, NY, 10027