16 LGBT Friendly Events You Should Attend In 2019

2019 is here and the LGBT community should definitely be excited.

Many exciting events including World Pride and Philly Pleasure Weekend are happening this year. So prepare your outfits. This year will be full of excitement, laughter, and fun.

Here is a list of events in 2019 to attend:

“DC vs NYC” Party

January 18, 2019

event for the black lgbt community

Event producer Darryl Wilson has been producing events for the black lgbt community for years. And so you know DC vs NYC will be an event to enjoy. This huge party takes place at the Ziegfeld/Secrets Megaplex during Memorial Weekend.

Trap House Denim Down Party

January 20, 2019

event for the black lgbt community

Alot of young black gays love to go to brunch and love trap music. And so a brunch day party that mostly plays trap music would definitely be an enjoyable experience. Make sure you get your tickets early.

The Ultimate Winter Retreat AC

February 15-18, 2019


Do you watch Love and Hip Hop? If you don’t you still may have heard about music celebrities, Dreamdoll and Sidney Starr. Them, the Clermont Twins, and Arquez will make special guest appearances at the Showboat Hotel for President’s Weekend. The event will be held by Philadelphia’s major event producer, Social Life Entertainment.

Millenium Tour

March 8, 2019- April 28, 2019

The Millennium Tour definitely brings back nostalgic memories. B2K will be reuniting to give their fans a performing that they’ve been waiting for. I still remember bumping to the song “Bump, Bump, Bump”……Ah, the good old days when I was a teenager.


April 12-14 + 19-21, 2019


This event is on the radar for alot of young LGBT persons. Beyonce is almost like a goddess to gays. So when she came out and performed last year many persons of the LGBT community was in attendance. This year’s event again will take place in California and will feature artists across all genres, including Childish Gambino, Ariana Grande, and Bad Bunny.

IGLTA Global Convention

April 24-27, 2019

event for the lgbt community

Do you enjoy traveling? Most of the population does. Especially, the LGBTQ community. The IGLTA Global convention will take place in New York City.

Philly Pleasure Weekend

April 26-29, 2019

event for the black lgbt community

Philly Pleasure Weekend is a weekend full of events during Philadelphia Black Pride. I’ve been to this celebration before and have had a great time. You are able to network and connect with other members of the black lgbt community from all over the country.

13th Annual Blatino Oasis

May 3-5, 2019

event for the latino and black lgbt community

If you’re attracted to men of color you will definitely enjoy Blatino Oasis. The event takes place in Palm Springs, California which has a huge gay population. Thousands of gay men flock to California during Blatino Oasis. I’ve heard that alot of frisky behavior goes on during this event so make sure you bring plenty of lube and condoms.

Wet Dreamz Weekend

May 22-27, 2019

event for the black lgbt community

Wet Dreams Weekend takes place during DC Black Pride, which is probably the best Black Pride Celebrations in my opinion. The weekend is full of amazing parties at some of the most popular venues in DC, including The Park. Wet Dreams Weekend is organized by the legendary promoter Darryl Wilson so you it will be an exciting weekend.

Miami Sizzle

May 23-27, 2019

event for the lgbt community

Miami Sizzle is an annual event for the black gay community. It takes place in South Beach, Florida and brings out thousands of people from all over the country. Expect to see alot of hot bare chested men during Miami Sizzle.

LGBT Arts & Culture Music Festival

May 24-28, 2019

event for the lgbt community

Many black LGBTS musicians do not get visibility as mainstream artists do. The LGBT Arts & Culture Music Festival provides the opportunity for those LGBT artists to showcase their talent.

Soul Summit

House music all day long, This is what you will be bopping to at Soul Summit. This event takes place in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, You will find many members of the black LGBT community at this function.

World Pride NYC

June 2019

This is the most anticipated LGBT event this year. Millions of people are expected to attend World Pride. Hundreds of events and parties will take place during that weekend so you know it’s going to a zoo in New York City. This will probably be one of the biggest World Prides ever to take place.

Essence Festival

July 4-7, 2019


The Essence Festival is a an African American music festival that takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana. I’ve been wanting to go to this event for years so hopefully I’ll be able to go this year. The event largely takes place at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome where there will re will be concerts, workshops, and other events. Many different types of celebrities come out for Essence Festival including Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama.

Afropunk in Brooklyn

August 2019

Afropunk is in a category of its own. It is a music black festival geared towards persons of color. What I like about Afropunk is the creative outfits and attire that people come dressed in. Definitely looking forward to the event this year.

Made in America

August 31- September 1, 2019


Made in America is another major music festival in the country that spans for 2 days. Cardi B and Travis Scott will be the headliners so expect a fun filled crowd.

The events listed above is just a snapshot of what’s occurring in the lgbt comunity. There are many more LGBT friendly and gay oriented events happening this year.