10 Best Brunch Cocktails

Good food is key to the soul. So is a good cocktail. Many persons like myself enjoy sipping(and sometimes chugging) cocktails especially during brunch. Whether it’s a sangria or bellini sometimes a cocktail can put the mind and body at ease. If the food isn’t up to par at brunch then the drinks will definitely make the brunch experience pleasing.

Below is a list of some of the best brunch cocktails in NYC:

Rum Punch at Negril Village



Courtesy of Negril Village

Hennesy Mimosa at Amarachi Lounge


Sangria at Calle Ocho

Courtesy of Calle Ocho

Bellini at Cipriani

Courtesy of Cipriani

Oyster Shooter at Sugar Freak


The Brownstoner at Red Rooster


Courtesy of Red Rooster


Bloody Mary at Jacob’s Pickles


Courtesy of Jacob’s Pickles

Bittered Coffee at Union Square Cafe


Courtesy of Union Square of Cafe

Caramel Martini at Soco Bk

Courtesy of Soco

Party Pouch at Magic Hour

Courtesy of Magic Hour


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